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Sunday, 13 December 2015

You... (It's Just A Dream)

You dreamt about him again... The very last time you had a dream about him is the day after the break up. You dreamt that he was sitting at the end of your bed and playing with your long flowing mane. He fondled you like he used to when both of you were still together. You could feel his gentle touch in a loving way even though it was just a dream. Yea... Even though, it was just a dream...

Even so, you felt contented. You felt happy even if it was just a dream. You felt so blessed & joyful in the dream that you didn't want the dream to end. You wanted to sleep forever, so the dream would continue. You wanted to live in the dream for the entire of your life so much that you didn't want to wake up. Alas, the sad truth is every story has an ending, so does dream. You woke up and realized it was just a dream. You thought it was real. You tried to sleep again with the hope that the exact same would continue but it never happened. You had a different dream instead.

A few days ago, you dreamt about him again. This time, the dream was a contrast to the first dream you have had last time. In the dream, you and him were in a wedding shop. You were begging him to stay. You wanted to fix this relationship. You wanted everything to be back like last time. Why? Because you still love him...

When you thought there's still hope in both of you, he told you something that would break your heart into million of pieces. He told you he was engaged. You asked, "Who is she? Do you love her?". He never answered. He stood there in an emotionless state. You waited for his answers patiently. "It was an arranged married," at last he spoke after a long pause. "So you don't love her. You still love me, do you? Please tell the truth..." you looked at him into his eyes and hoping him to say yes. "I'm happy now...," he paused. "No. You are not," you said, "I am" he said while taking out a stack of letters. "Look at these letters. These are the letters we wrote for each other. They are love letters. These are the proof that we love each other even though it's an arranged marriage." he said.

You still chose to not to believe what he had said. "No, you don't love her. You are lying!" You eyes started to water. "I'm married. Just accept the fact that I'm married. I love her," he took a frame from the rack. He showed it to you. It was a photo of him and his wife. It was a wedding photo. They looked happy and joyful, you admitted it. You thought his wife would be his crush but it wasn't. It was someone else. Someone who is much more beautiful than you and his crush. She looked pretty, you thought. She looked so angelic in the photo. Maybe that's the reason he love her even though it was an arranged marriage.

Tears rolled down on your cheek. You couldn't take it any more. You felt like your world has crushed. Your hope to be with him again was crushed. You waited for years to be with him again but everything was ruined. He was married and he is happy. You turned away from him and ran away. You ran to the nearest stairs and started running down with the hope you would miss a step and fall down and die. You started to cry uncontrollably and breathing hard. Then, everything went black. You thought you had died. You thought you had fall from the stair.

Then, you woke up. You were still breathing very hard when you woke up. You touched your face to check if there were tears. No, there wasn't any tear. Good. Your hand landed on your chest. You could feel your heartbeat. Your heart was beating very fast. In a fast tempo...

You started to worry. Your dream, it looked vivid and real... What if it really happens? You don't want it to happen. You don't want it to happen in reality so badly. You knew you couldn't bear it if it really happens. For now, you could do nothing but to hope it (the dream) will never happened. You have to calm yourself, thus you kept telling yourself, "It's just a dream... Just a bad dream..."

Monday, 7 December 2015


You see him standing there chatting happily with his friends. It's just another typical day of you life but why out of the blue, the feeling of grieve comes back? Why? Didn't you have forgotten about him? Forgotten about him completely? You told yourself to let go but little do you realize that you actually haven't let go at all?

Yes, you cried for days and nights since the day he broke up with you, so what? Does it really matter? He doesn't even care about you any more. You are nothing in his eyes any more but just a piece of banner by the roadside which he doesn't even bother to see. You are nothing but nothing. He doesn't love you any more but why couldn't you do the same thing as he does? Why?

Your friends kept saying thing like, "He's stupid for letting you go. He doesn't deserve you. You can find a better person." and "It's not your fault. People like him should just exit your life". Your friends kept insisting you to hate him but instead you chose to forgive. You give yourself hopes by thinking one day, both of you could get back together but you know the chance is low.

A few weeks had passed, your feeling of sorrow started to fade away but you still miss him deep inside. Every single thing you saw or every single place you went could remind you of him. You kept telling yourself to let go but your heart doesn't want to listen to your brain. As days passed, you started to get numb by your feelings. You imagined he's still by your side and adoring you like his baby girl. You still cry alone in the shower. You still acting like you are actually hugging him when you are in your bed, Alas, when you meet him face to face, you need to act like you have forgotten about him and treat him like any other of your friends because only a few know both of you WERE couple before.

The first few days after the break, you started scrolling back the both of you text messages and pictures. Even  if both of you won't see each other again, at least you still have those things as memories, you thought. But the more you read and recalled the memories both of you have had together, the more you couldn't let go, so you stopped looking at those text messages he had sent you and all the pictures both of you have took. They cause you nothing but pain.

You feel hurt. Is it you the problem? Is it a mistake that you confess to him at the very first place? Is it you that you are not perfect enough? Is it you?

Last time, when both of you were still together, he would travel far away from his place just to meet you and he could tell you sweet stuff like, "I miss you." or "I love you." and treat you like his princess. But now everything had changed. Nowadays, if you ask him out, he would you give all kind of excuses. You started to feel whether you still worth it any more. Your self extreme started to decrease. You doesn't miss all the thing he did for you, but you miss him. You just miss him for who he is. You started to miss the time that he's still in love with you.

Sometimes, you wondered, whether he's still at least have some feelings for you or at least miss you even for once. Millions of questions started to pop out in your mind but it seems like those questions are rhetorical questions.

He seems happy, though. He doesn't seems like he's sad to lose you, so why are you expecting so much from him? You started to feel like an idiot that you think he will like you back. "You are a total idiot,"you told yourself.

No matter how hard you tried, you just couldn't forget. It's just you and you will always be you. It's you...

It's Been A Long Time Since When We Begin...

Nope, Nope. Nope. I'm not going to sing 'See You Again' by Wiz Khalifa or whatsoever. I just wanna say that it's been a long time since I start writing  Jack Frost & Elsa fan fiction a.k.a. Missing Winter & I started to lack of inspiration somehow. I don't know how to continue the story any more or should I just say that I'm freaking out that I couldn't write a good fairy tale about these both characters, thus I'm giving up writing. When I said I give up writing, I didn't mean that I will stop writing about this fan fiction, it only mean that I will continue the story whenever I'm in good mood or I have a whole storyline plotted in my mind & for that you might need to wait for a very very very long time before I have one well-plotted storyline in my rotten overworked brain. xp

That's all for now. Bye, peepo! :D

Jack Frost and Elsa: Missing Winter (Chapter 4)

They landed on the ground of green at last after hours of moments without any gravity. Elsa quickly let go of Jack's hand. Both of them were still feeling awkward once they had landed the ground because of what happened just now. Nonetheless, Elsa tried her best and acted like usual because she didn't wan to lose a friend, a good friend.

When they were flying in the sky just now, Elsa suddenly felt the urge to tell him. She didn't want to lie to herself any more. She couldn't hide her feeling. She wanted him to know her feeling for him. She gathered her gut and...

Elsa: Jack...
Jack Frost: Don't worry. You won't fall. Especially with me around.
Elsa: No. It's not that I'm worry about. I'm just...
Jack Frost: What happened?
Elsa: Ermmm... I...
Jack Frost: What's wrong?
Elsa: I like you *whisper*
Jack Frost: Huh? I can't hear you.
Elsa: I like you.
Jack Frost: What? Say it again.
Elsa: I... I LIKE YOU!

Jack Frost turned to Elsa and looked at her in disbelief.

Elsa: Hey, look in front!
Jack Frost: What did you say just now?
Elsa: Oh no! Please look in front!
Jack Frost: No. Tell me again what did you say just now?
Elsa: We are going to bang into a big candy cotton!
Jack Frost:Uh oh!
Jack Frost & Elsa: AHHHHHHHH!

Friday, 30 October 2015

What I Have Learnt From Drama Team

Did I tell that I'm one of the drama team members before? Did I? Haha. I'm sorry if I didn't tell you guys in any of my post before. It's okay, now you know. xp What can i said is joining drama team is nothing but fun. In the meantime, you get to learn a lot of things, too. Below are a few things I have learnt from drama team:

1. Have Fun!!!
Being an actress in a drama team doesn't mean you have to memorise your script all the time or every freaking time. You can always have fun by mixing around props people to make the props and other actresses or actors. You can always play with the role you are playing by adjusting the personality and reanalysis the character you are acting as. People change, so do the characters in the story. Be flexible. Do not have the mindset that "It MUST be like this". Personality of the characters in the story can always be changed from time to time depending on their mood or the story adaption.

2. Enjoy your role~
No matter what role you get, just enjoy it and always try your best to act it out even if you are just holding a minor character in the story. Indulge yourself in the character. It doesn't matter whether you only have a few lines or gonna die on the first scene. You gotta enjoy it. This is what make you a good actress or actor. You have to remember that every character in the story play an important role as the story climaxed or move on. Every scene lead to another scene or produce a new character. Let's take the movie Cinderella as an example. If Cinderella's mother did not die, her father won't be marrying a cruel widow as her stepmother and this stepmother won't exist in the movie, thus no one would stop Cinderella from going to the ball and fairy godmother won't appear to help her, thus no protagonist is produced. Do you get what I mean? It doesn't always have to be all about 'you'. You do not need to get the main role in the story to prove yourself. It can always be you who play the role. :D

3. Get to know more spooky stories
Do you know that the scariest part of the stage is backstage? If you study in a school that exist since Japanese Occupation, you will know that the stage is a place where most of the secret basements can be found. Who know why the basements were made there and what happened there before? In a nutshell, that's what make the backstage a spooky place and definitely a nice place to tell any spooky tales. We (drama team members) would always gathered at the backstage and sit in a circle while sharing any horror stories. See, you get to listen horror stories and experience the spooky feeling at the right place in the same time.

4. The stage is like our second bed
The stage is like our second bed.
We get to sleep on the stage.
Eat on the stage.
Roll on the stage.
Slide on the stage.
Shit on the stage. (Nah, I'm just joking about this one) xp
Pose on the stage.
Like nobody business
At all.
Because the stage belong to us
And we belong to the stage.
It's like our territory.
But if some other stars are coming for it,
We gonna back off.

5. Widen your circle of friends
Okay, so there are a few first, second and third formers who joined drama team this year and at first, we don't talk much to each other and we are like complete strangers or some kind like "Hi, Bye" friend to each other because we just have nothing to talk about. I mean what would a fourth former like me talk to the other formers? Nothing at all. But as days passed, we started to become closer and closer. We could talk about the most random thing from A to Z and of course there are always some juicy gossips could be heard as we gathered in a circle and chat when we are not practising for drama. And of course lesbian stories and ghost stories are the juiciest things to talk about. Take me as an example. I never talk to these these two juniors because I have nothing to talk as we are from different forms. But, "POOF!" after a few days, we started to talk all about anime and all those stuffs and started to molest each other like we have known each other for years. Haha, Funny, right? This is what I thought of when I flashed back.

6. You will always know when is the time to get serious
We are very playful during practices. Usually, we don't really do our best when we are practising because we knew that if we kept doing our best in each practise, at one point, we will become fed up easily as we need to repeat the same freaking lines again and again. But, when it comes to deal with the real shit, you are so gonna amused with us and shat your pants. xp

Tomorrow is our third time and also the last time performing for this year in occasion of 'The Sound of The Night' and Halloween night. We have performed two times and won first runner up in Inter- School English Drama Competition and second runner up in District Level English Drama Competition respectively. I'm going to miss all the fun and memories we have created together in drama team so much... *sobs*

"Ahem, ahem. There's still next year, Sun Ru." 
Oh, ya hor. Hehe. Oops, too much sentimentality here! Sorry...We are going to reunite next year anyway, so ya!

Inter- School English Drama Competition 2015

4th former Gang chilling after ISEDC2015

2 juniors who I became closed with through drama team :D #Dressrehearsal

Yay, Trophies! #DistrictLevelEnglishDramaCompetition2015

Drama Practice for 'The Sound of The Night'. #30thOctober2015

We are just a bunch of girls who love acting and drama! We are nothing more but Drama Queens. Yes! That's what we are! We are SGGS Drama Queens! We're Rocksss! SGGS Drama Team ROCKSSS!!! XD

Jack Frost and Elsa: Missing Winter (Chapter 3)

*Knock, knock*

Elsa: *Yawn* Who would it be?

She went to open the door.

Jack Frost: Hey!
Elsa: *stunned* Hey...
Jack Frost: You know what? I was about to confess to her yesterday and...
Elsa: And you did and she accepted...
Jack Frost: Ermmm, sadly, nope. *put his stick against the wall and sat on the table*
Elsa: Why? *surprised* Is it because...
Jack Frost: Actually I chickened out. I didn't confess at all. I couldn't when I look at her. I knew I will get rejected. *covered his face with his hands*
Elsa: *patted him on the shoulder* I thought it's because you didn't bathe when you met her and she hated the stink on you.
Jack Frost: *smiled* Your joke. It doesn't help, Elsa...
Elsa: Well, that's the only joke I could think of.
Jack Frost: Thanks, anyway. By the way, did I smell that bad? *Smelled himself*
Elsa: All I know is that you should get a hot bubble bath for that. *Laughed*
Jack Frost: But before that, let's have some fun!

He grabbed Elsa's hand and pulled her along to the window nearby.

Elsa; Wait! What are you doing? I can't fly.
Jack Frost: But I can!
Elsa: No, you don't know! I...
Jack Frost: Here we go!

Within a second, off they flew to the sky. Elsa struggled at first but when her feet stopped hitting the ground, she was so scared that she leaned against Jack. Awww, how sweet~ <3 <3 <3

Jack Frost: C'mon! Open your eyes! You should see this.
Elsa: No!
Jack Frost: Trust me. You will never regret doing this. Open your eyes.

Elsa slowly open her eyes and was amazed to see such a beautiful scenery from up above. It's totally a bird-eye view of the whole village!

Elsa: Oh my God! This is spectacular!
Jack Frost: Told, ya! Hold me tighter! I'm gonna speed up! Woo hoo!

I never thought that I could find this picture in Google Search. This picture is exactly just like what I have imagined. I swear I never see this picture until I searched it in Google after I finished typing the story for chapter 3. Wow! This is amazing!

Disclaimer: I do not own this picture. Credit goes to Google Search :)

Friday, 23 October 2015

Jack Frost and Elsa: Missing Winter (Chapter 2)

"Thanks for believing me."
"So, why did you shut people out?" asked Jack Frost.
Elsa kept quiet.
"Well, it's okay if you don't want to tell."
"Can I ask you a question?" Elsa asked.
"Have you ever grown your beard?"
"You mean this?" Jack said while pointing at his chin. Elsa nodded.
"Nope. Because my youth is eternal and my testosterones have stop secreting, I suppose."
Elsa giggled and said, "You have a great sense of humour."

And so they talked the whole day about everything and anything and bla bla bla when Jack Frost decided to leave.

"I needa go."
"Now? But it's still early..." 
"Well, I have  a game on in the evening and I have promised her to be there."
"Her? Who?" Elsa died a little inside.
"Someone I would date," he said jokingly.
"Your crush?"

OH MY FREAKING GOD! I could feel that Elsa's heart had already shattered into pieces deep inside but whatever happened inside shall stay inside. Nonetheless, Elsa maintained a calm look on her face and said, "Well, okay then. You should go now. Don't make her wait."

"Okay, bye! I really enjoy talking to you today." Jack Frost voice echoed away as he flew into the forest.
"Bye! Have a safe journey." Elsa said as she slammed the door.

Elsa couldn't bear this feeling struggling in her anymore and she sang,

"The snow glows white on the rooftop tonight,
Not a human to be seen,
A kingdom of isolation, 
And it looks like I'm the queen.

The wind is howling like this swirling storm inside,
Couldn't keep it in, heaven knows I try.

Don't let him in, don't let him see,
Be the calm girl you always have to be,
Conceal, don't feel, don't let him know,
And he will never knew...

Let it go let it go,
Can't hold it back anymore,
Let it go, let it go,
Turn away and slam the door,

I don't care, 
Who is he going to love,
Let the storm rage on,
The cold never bothered me anyway."

Disclaimer: I do not own this picture. Credit goes to Google Search :)

Okay the next part might get a little catchy. It might cause menstruation, masturbation, depression and whatever words which end with '-ion' and even death, so if you are not ready to read the next part or under eighteen, please don't read. Nah, I'm just joking! xD To be continued in the next chapter. Bye! Do follow this blog for an update :D

Thursday, 22 October 2015

Jack Frost and Elsa: Missing Winter (Chapter 1)

Hi, peepo! Today, I'm going to write a sad love story with the characters Jack Frost from Rise of The Guardians and Elsa from Frozen. In other words, I'm going to write a fan fiction. I'm inspired to write fan fiction lately. I don't know why. I just feel like writing one, so why not? I choose to write about these two characters because both of these cartoons are my favourites and I always think that Jack Frost and Elsa would be the best couple ever if Dreamwork and Disney collaborate to make a movie of these two characters because they (the characters) just have so many things in common like having the power to freeze stuff and make snows and all those crazy stuff like "Wow!". Okay, okay, enough with all the superpowers stuff. So here's the story:

Jack Frost is a very playful guy like everyone has known earlier as he is the Guardian of Fun and Winter. He hates responsibility. Oops, did I just badmouthing about him? Sorry. Hehe. He have crush on this girl name... Wait! I can't tell! He makes me promise him not to tell, so I have to keep my mouth shut about it. Anyway, all you guys need to know is that he has a crush on a girl and unfortunately that girl is not Elsa. SO SAD :(

In contrast, Elsa is a very serious person due to her uncontrollable power. She shuts people out for their own sake but they thought Elsa is a snob. They don't know the truth and they went to spread rumours around about her. How shitty is that, right? As for Elsa, she give no two cents about what others think about her because she doesn't care. She just doesn't care. They are her nobody, so why she should care? She thought she would like nobody in this world until one day she saw him...

He (Who would it be if it's not Jack Frost) was playing snow fight with other little kids when Elsa decided to have a look on the outside world through her window that day. "He's just so charming..." Elsa thought. Well, you can't blame Elsa for falling in love so fast. Guys look the cutest when they are playing with kids, don't you agree? Any girls would have fall in love with any hots guys like Jack Frost when they are playing with kids. Maybe that's why Elsa has such feeling when she saw him at first. HE WAS PLAYING WITH KIDS!

"Catch this!" yelled one of the kid who was playing with Jack Frost. The snowball almost hit Jack Frost on the head when Elsa used her magical blue laser power and shot the snowball back into snows. That makes a great explosion, I think. Well, Elsa can't control her power so she should be forgave for her mistake. Plus, she just want to protect her... ermmm... her crush...

"Wow, Jack! That's awesome!"
"No, it's not me..." said Jack Frost.
"It must be you! You are the only one who can do this."
Then, Jack Frost saw Elsa who was staring at him through the window. Their eyes met. Elsa quickly closed the curtain when Jack looked at her.

Jack P.O.V (Point of View):
Isn't that the weird girl whom I always heard about? They said she's a snob and she had a boyfriend who went to Arendelle two years ago but he never came back for her because of her stinky attitudes. Is she the one who helped me with the snowball fight just now? But I never heard about her having any superpower before. If yes, but why would she do so? Why did she look away when I look at her? Does she know me?

Elsa P.O.V:
I can't. I can't bear to look at him. My heart would melt any time soon if I continue to do so. Oh gosh, he's just so charming and handsome as hell. Should I go to talk to him? But I'm not ready. Oh, Elsa! Be calm. Just be yourself! You can do this! You can!

When Elsa opened the curtain again, Jack Frost was just standing right outside the window and smiling at her.
"Hi!" greeted Jack Frost
Elsa screamed and closed the curtain without any hesitation. She was such a nervous wreck when she realized. "Why am I screaming?" She took a deep breathe and decided to open the curtain for the second time to check if Jack Frost is still there. Oh dear, she was having too much butterflies in her stomach. "Elsa, calm down, Just check whether if he's still there. If he's still there, just say "Hi!" to him like how he did just now. If he's not there, just close the curtain and act like nothing had happened. You can do this, Elsa!" mumbled Elsa. "One, two, three!" Elsa opened the curtain and, "Hi!" Awww, he wasn't there... Elsa was disappointed. She knew this will happen. Why is she giving herself hope?

"Hi!" Jack Frost suddenly appeared from up there. Haha. No one would have expected that he was hanging around on top of Elsa's house roof.

"Oh, hi!"
"You know why am I here right?"
"Erm, nope."
"I just wanna say thanks for what happened just now."
"Well, what happened just now?"
"You are the one who destroyed the snowball threw by the little imp, right? If you didn't do that, I would have lose the snowball fight."
"Oh! Erm, that's nothing."
"I never knew that you had such superpower. I never heard about it from the villagers."
"The villagers?"
"Yea, you are quite popular here, you know? People keep talking about you."
"What did they say about me?"
"Well, they said you're a snob and you got a boyfriend who went to Arendelle who never came back and..."
"Whoa, wait a minute! That's not true. I do not have a boyfriend! Or a boyfriend who went to Arendelle!"
"Oh, so it's a rumour?"
"Yea, I think if you choose to believe me instead of the villagers."
"Of course I believed you."

To be continued~

P.S: *Yawn* I'm too sleepy to continue to type the story, so I shall continue tomorrow or when I have the mood to do so. xp I knew the first chapter sounds quite boring but I promised you guys that there will be more conflicts and interesting scenes (Ahem, ahem. Not that kind of pervert scene, okay. I know what are you guys thinking xp) in the upcoming chapters, so do always visit my blog for an update and sorry for any grammatical errors, I know my English is very shitty and I'm trying my best to fix that. Screw it! My English never improved even though I have tried so hard. T.T Do comment below for the story or any grammar errors. It helps a lot! :D

Disclaimer: I do not own this picture. Credit goes to Google Search :)

Saturday, 29 August 2015

Sir or Ah Boy?

Bonjour, peeps! Today, I was having a Science and Technology Literation Competition in SEAMEO RECSAM, Penang (To be honest,I never knew this place exist until I joined this competition). xp

Basically, we have to perform a 10 minutes drama for this freaking competition and it was not any easy job, okay. We were the sixth group to perform and it went on like this. Five groups had to perform before break and the next five groups will perform after the break, so it means my team is the first group to perform after the break but fortunately, we were let to have our break once the fourth group had finished as the time was delayed due to the long speech by the honoured guests, so we became the second group to perform after the break! Yay!

We were the last group to go out for break because we haven't test with the sound effect yet and we wanted to make sure that our power point is compatible with the Microsoft in the laptop provided by the organizer. We were in rush actually because if we didn't test the sound effect quickly, we could be late for break. If we are late for break, we will have no time to eat. If we have no time to eat, we will be starving during our performance. If we are starving during our performance, our performance will be affected. If our performance is affected, we will face a higher chance of losing the competition. Sound serious, right?

So when we reached the table where the laptop was put, a bunch of guys from other school was copy pasting their files into the laptop, so we have to wait. Since we were in a rush, so I gathered my gut and asked one of the fella, "Sir, how long will you take?" Then, he answered, "Ermmm, I'm actually a student like you, so I'm not sir."

I was like, "Hey, brother! I don't know your name la. If I don't call you sir. How may I address you lah? I don't even know your age. What if I call you Ah Boy but you are older? That's worse, right? Plus, isn't 'Sir' a respectful way to address every man whom you don't know his name? Isn't it?" Of course, I only say that in my mind. Instead of a very long explanation, I just said, "Oops, sorry! It's because I don't know your name so ya!"

I don't simply call stranger by the address, 'Brother' if I'm not close to them because it's just so weird calling a stranger brother.

Gentlemen, isn't the address 'Sir' mean for every male regarding their age? I'm confused right now~ Somebody, please tell me...

Anyway, it's always a must to post a photo of our drama. If you wanna print out this photo and make it as a poster, you are always welcomed to ask for our autograph. xp

Ahem, ahem. You think you are artist, is it?
Ermmm, kind of. Hehe

Let me present to you the Drama Queens of the day!!!

Wednesday, 12 August 2015

The Fault In Our Stars (Gay Version)

Ok, I'm not going to start this post with any greeting since I'm a lazy asshole who're too lazy to think of a fantastic or awesome greeting as a starter.

For your information, I borrowed a very famous book from a friend of mine, Ishwari a few days ago namely The Fault In Our Stars by John Green. For short, TFIOS. I think everyone know this book, it's either you had read it or watched it. This book has been made into a movie a few months ago, if I'm not wrong. Ok, ok, I admit that I'm quite outdated in book stuff. While the others had started to read Paper Town, I just started to read the very first word in TFIOS.

I was so into this book that I finished reading about 80 pages in just a few hours. This book is sooo boring and yet awesome in the same time, man! John Green, you got me, bro!

So I had this one bastard who had watched the movie of TFIOS earlier, so I asked him how was the movie. In case you don't know, I actually haven't finish reading the book yet when I asked him about the movie. Well, I don't mind spoiler. So, basically this's what he told me about TFIOS:

"Augustus Waters is a gay actually. He had sex with his best friend Isaac. Hazel Grace caught them on the spot when they're doing it and she was like, "So, you are gay, huh?". Augustus explained that he actually flirted with her because he couldn't accept the fact he was a gay, so he try to be a man by having a girlfriend but truth hurts. He just have to be a gay. But they are still friends in the end. I think I forgot the ending but I think Hazel Graze died. I'm not sure. Her last wish is that Augustus Waters get married with Isaac."

By the time I finish listening to his own version of  TFIOS (The problem is I don't even know that was his own version of TFIOS by that time), I was so shocked and I was in a deep mood of a mixture of disappointment and surprise. I mean how could Augustus Waters and Isaac are gay. I mean Isaac had a girlfriend name, Monica at the beginning of the story. How could he be gay?! Like seriously, I couldn't believe it.

I went home and google searched the synopsis of TFIOS (Even though, I haven't finish reading the book yet) and the ending is totally different from what the bastard had told me. I quickly texted him and ask him what the heck he was watching actually and below are what I got as a reply:

"Haha, I know the ending is not like that. I just tricked you, You are just so gullible. So easy to be tricked."

The moment I got the freaking message, I was like, "Damn it! I got trolled again!"  ><

Note to John Green:
It is not my intention to spoil your very bestselling and award winning novel but if you are really angered by the book review I have written here, you are always welcomed to sue the bastard who had told me this gay version of TFIOS. XD

It's not that I'm easy to be tricked but that bastard acting was so real and in the meantime he sounded real, too. He even said, "Maybe that's why it's called 'The Fault In Our Stars' because Augustus Waters looks at the stars and he realized that he was a gay." when I asked him why the book is called by its name.

Anyway, I'm proud that I were able to finish the book in just two days while my friend took months to finish it. *Adjust spectacle* Hah, Ishwari, take that! xp

Hmmm. I realize that I have been promoting book lately, I think maybe I should turn this blog into a book blog or something la. Nah~ As if I'm a bookworm. But, it's always good to indulge yourself in the world of fictional writing piece as the saying goes, "A reader lives a thousand lives before he died... the man who never reads lives only one."

Before I end, John Green, pay me for promoting the book! xD

Tuesday, 26 May 2015

Thanks, Just Thanks!

Have you ever feel guilty for all he or she had done for you? This will be a very short blog entry for those who have helped me a lot in my life no matter you are a she or a he. I'm not that kind of person who will show my gratitude directly. If I ever insult you or tease you, it's because you are someone I'm comfortable with or special to me. You know who you are.

I just wanna say thanks to those who had helped me a lot in my studies, gave me moral supports whenever I'm stress, being able to bear my bitchy face as well as my chao pattern (Means bad attitude in Bahasa Rojak) when I bo syok (Means not feeling satisfied in Hokkien) with something, gave me free rides (Gotta pay back the petrol money some day, hopefully that day will never come. Troll~), lend me their one and only electronic gadget without reconsidering the risk that I'll screw them up and a lots more. Like I have said earlier, you know who you are anyway

I love my friends & I teased them a lot but they knew that deep inside that I actually appreciated them a lot. They will never leave me to deal with all those shits alone even though sometimes I'll leave them with it. Well, sometimes it was not on purpose, so ya. Peace, yo! xp

Last but not least, thanks for all that you guys had done for me. I really appreciated them. Ok, ok, before I end, I must clearly state that this is not any emotional or sentimental post. It's just a typical thank you post sort of like a thank you card you randomly make for your friends and family for no reason because you want them to know they are so damn important to you and you do appreciate them like a lot, damn lots! I love you guys so much! Be Happy!

Tuesday, 19 May 2015


Yo, what's up peep! THE CEILING IS UP! "Can't you start your blog entry with other greeting? Why it is always the same old lame joke?" I knew most of you will say that. Well, I'm too lame to think of another joke, that's why. Plus, I ain't got no mood to think of a joke after a bastard ruined my day. I have gotta thanks him for that! :D *Wide smile (SARCASM & FAKE SMILE DETECTED!!!)

This entry gonna be practically all about a book that I had read last 2 days which had almost make me cry. ALMOST cry, okay. I DIDN'T burst into tears in the end. My eyes just watered, I'm not that kind of person who will cry easily after I watch or read a tragic love story because for me only weak and silly people will grief over a fake love story. Too fake, that it won't even happen in real life. Won't even happen in the world beyond the infinite universe.

Okay, enough about me. Let's get back to the topic we're going to talk about here. The book is titled "Star- Crossed" by Rachael Wing. Here is the review of the book:

Who wouldn't want to star in the world's greatest romance? Your dream's come true. Your school's doing "Romeo and Juliet" and you get the starring role of Juliet. Perfect! There's just one catch: the boy you hate is playing Romeo. He isn't any old enemy - your families are at daggers drawn. A bit like in Romeo and Juliet ...except there's no way you're going to fall for him... But in the end you fell for him after you was forced to give him your first kiss during a rehearsal. You thought you gave him your first kiss was because you need to for the rehearsal but actually you weren't. You started to struggle whether to betray your family for a boy they hate or leave a boy whom you love with your life. Alas, when you already had make your choice, things just couldn't goes right for you. You once doubted whether his love for you was just a way for him to take revenge for his family but things proved you were wrong in the end.  You almost lose your life for him despite of both of your families' affair.

That's all for the review.The author actually used the word "You" to replace the protagonist's name to make you feel like you are the character in the story. It's a pretty good way of writing to make readers to experience the world in the book itself. I can't tell the whole story here. If I tell everything here, I would have spoilt the story and the author would have freaking scold me for spoiling her perfect love story with all those grammatical errors if she read this book review. Wakaka~ If you want to know the ending, quick! Break your piggy bank and buy that book at any available book stores or order through any online book shopping website now! By the way, am I even paid for promoting the book? :/

No need to thank me for recommending such a good book but if you find out that the book doesn't suit your taste or your choice of love genre, don't blame me either! Quality not guaranteed! Some people might like it, some might not.

How I came across this book? Well, I found this book  at the readers's corner in my class and its nice cover attract me to read it though. Well, you can say that I do judge a book by its cover. I won't even touch the book if the cover is not nice. The author gotta thanks the graphic designer for designing such a good cover.

Tadaa~ The cover is nice, right? :D

Gonna write in more blog entries after this! I need to catch up with a friend of mine who had just started a blog a few weeks ago! I kiasu (Means scared of losing in Hokkien). Guess what, she actually wrote in more than 10 blog entries in just 2 weeks time! As for me, I think I just wrote in 1 to 2 entries every month. In total, I think I have only wrote in 15 entries in a year. Haha. What to do? I'm such a lazy asshole. Here's her blog:


Izzati, pay me for promoting your blog! Budak, bayar oik! Jangan tak bayar, nanti berdosa~ Hahaha xp

Friday, 27 March 2015

Girl, GO STUDY!"

Yo, what's up guys! The ceiling is up, Haha, it's just the same old lame joke as usual. Was kind of busy lately so I don't really have the chance to update my blog.  :(

Good news for me! I skipped all classes the whole days today! Woo-hooooo! Well, I skipped classes not because that I want to but it was a need. Plus, most of the teachers were absent, so in other word I actually didn't miss a single class because there's no teacher in the class at all! I skipped classes because I needed to interview a teacher who's going to retire in June in the morning & I had drama practice after that. At least wandering around the school compound is better than leading a sedentary routine in a class with no teacher at all.

In the evening, I went to headquarters for physical arrangement. What's physical arrangement? Well, what can I say is that you people do not have the need to know about what is that (Probably it's because I don't know how to explain what the heck is that to you guys lorrr. Haha).

In the end of the physical arrangement, got this one peep which is considered as my senior fetched me home. Surprisingly, this senior had to fetch this one old man (For some odd reasons, I called this guy an "Old man") home. This old man was not too old or not too young, but he is considered as an old man for me because the way he spoke is just so... Aahhh, I don't know how to describe, but what can I say is that there's a sense of humour with the way he spoke. His sense of humour can even beat Charlie Charplin, a very famous comedian. Anyway, he's just 18 years old and his name is Buttowski. I knew, I knew the name is weird. "Buttowski? Does this name even exist?!" I predicted you peeps say that. And YES, this name does exist and this guy is the lucky one to have it as his name. XP

When he first got into the car, he kept commenting on my senior' driving skill and tell a lot of other craps. Then, out of sudden, he talked about his SPM result which was kind of sucks. Hey, peeps focus! This's where the funny part begin.

"Wey, you ah need to study hard. If not, you will be like me. I only got 3As and  Bs, Cs and Es in SPM and they put me together with other students whose grades were far more worse than mine which is kind of sucks. I went back to my old school today and when the teachers saw me, they asked me to fuck off. I said I am going to study Form 6 but they asked me to fuck off again. I showed my mother my results and she said "You already did your best" but I felt like she's mocking me lar dey." he said it to my senior with some kind of accent  which make me laughed like a maniac.

"Girl, you must also study hard. Don't be like me. Go home and study. If not you'll be like me," he continued but this time his advice was mean for me and I just can't stop giggling whenever he spoke.
"Hey, girl! I'm serious. Go study, you know. If not you'll be like me..." he actually repeated the same thing throughout the journey until we reached my home. By that time I was laughing like a maniac. Holy hot wings, I was laughing my ass off!

Before I get down from the car, he again reminded me "Girl, go study."
After I get down from the car and was about to walk away from them, he opened the car window and AGAIN, "Girl, remember to study, ah."

For a moment, I was like, "This guy really need to soak himself in a nice hot bubble bath and take some aspirin. Like seriously, he's acting like a 60 years old man even though HE IS JUST 18 YEARS OLD!"
And of course I just said it in my head , so no one can hear me.

In addition, he knew my name but instead of calling me by my name, he called me "Girl". Macamlah saya ni anak dia (Means as if I am his daughter in Malay).

But there's this one thing that this guy don't know about me is that I do study a month before an exam. Maybe he thought that I'm just an average typical student who never study. Hahaha. I'm not trying to brag but this guy really need to stop his "Girl, go to study!" say-so on me. XD