Lone Ranger

Lone Ranger
I'm rarely bored alone; I'm often bored in groups and crowds. :)


Name: Chua Sun Ru

Alias: Sun Ru/ Urnus

Birthday: 3rd May 1999, Friday

Zodiac: Rabbit (I'm a very adorable bunny)

Horoscope: Taurus (Moooo)

Job: Student at SGGS & part-time Youtuber

Hobbies: Watch movie, online, EXTREME outdoor games (some sort like bungee jump, hiking & roller-coaster) & reading (Nahhh... I only read books like When I Was A Kid, Diary of a Wimpy Kid, Dork Diaries, Mr Midnight, Mr Mystery & TSGS)

Height: I would like to consider myself "tall" but God doesn't seem to please me. :(

Weight: I'm gaining weight in my age. Hey, it's a part of growing up, it's not my fault for eating too much anyway. =D

What? Want to know how I look like? But... But... I scared that my complexion will scare the shit out of you. Lalala, just kidding... There you go...
Frightened? Haha, I have warned you earlier, haven't I?
Oops, wrong picture! I shall post another one... Wait a second... No, no, I'm not gonna post here. There'll be more upcoming selfies & group photos in my blog soon, so if you really want to know how I look like, do always visit my blog then. =P
Guess who is this. Obviously, it's not me or my son. DUH, he is my nephew.
I shall end here & say Bye bye! =D

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