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Lone Ranger
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Monday 23 June 2014

Losing Stuffs

Arghhhhhhh!!! I'm so frustrated today I'm gonna go long piak (means bang the wall with your face in Hokkien). I lost my PJ textbook today. I'm totally ******!!! I hate this kind of shit to happen in my life! I hate losing stuffs and things. I felt guilty for losing them. I'll blame myself for being so careless after losing them.

I really hate losing stuffs. You can say that I'm kind of nostalgia. I still remembered the very last time I lost my stuff is when I'm standard 3. I often lost my stuffs when I'm in primary school but it's just small stuffs such as pencils, rulers, sharpener and erasers. Most of them is stationeries. I never EVER lose a book in my life before until today.

If you lost a textbook, it's actually a serious matter. Why? BECAUSE THE BOOK BELONGS TO THE SCHOOL!!! THEY JUST LENT THOSE BOOKS TO US FOR A ONE WHOLE YEAR AND AFTER THAT WE HAVE TO RETURN THEM!!! Ok, chill, Sun Ru, chill...

And the worse thing is they don't accept money. They will freaking go and ask us to find the exactly same freaking stupid book in any bookshop and buy it as a substitute. Like the heck I have the time to go to find the EXACTLY SAME BOOK! Ok, chill, Sun Ru, chill...

What if the freaking old PJ textbook come out from its hidden place the moment after I bought the new textbook? It would be a waste of money and time, right? Shit happens!

The most frustrated moment is when you try so hard to remember where you left it and when you lose it but it seems like your mind just can't sort things out as easily as you want! There're these 2 Rules For Finding Things You Have Lost:
1) It's usually where you left it.
2) It's probably staring you right in the face.
Well, I learnt this 2 Rules from a book in title of "Mirrormask".

Maybe, it's ok if sometimes you lost small stuff but what if you lost "big" stuff? What if you lost a million dollars cheque which you have worked for so hard in your life to get it? What if you lost a kidney due to kidney failure? What if you lost your loved one in an accident? Then, it would be a tragedy, right?

Or maybe, you can look into the bright side. Let's just say you're brain cancer patient. One day,  the tumour in your brain just disappear like that, so you actually lost a tumour, don't you? And you live happily ever after without the tumour.

Life is often unpredictable. Sometimes, maybe it's good for you to lost something in your life but sometimes maybe the thing that you lost in your life will leave a scar in your heart...

Arghhhh! Im still feeling frustrated over the lost PJ textbook! I really don't want to buy a new one as a substitute because if I do so, I will lost my money! $$$

Sunday 22 June 2014


Hey, peeps! It has been such a long time since I write in any blog entries. Haha, that's also because I'm a lazy asshole.

So, most of the teachers who have been teaching my class were absent for these few days since after the 2 weeks holidays. Wheeee!!! I like, I like. =D

"Huh? So you gonna freaking tell us about how much fun you're having in your school because your teachers were absent while we're here working and studying so hard for life?!", well, I predicted that you peeps gonna say that.

Ok, let me get straight to the point of my blog entries now. One day, our TT teacher was absent. It happened on Tuesday, I suppose. So there's this one teacher came in to our class as substitute. Her name? I shall keep that as a secret. Who knows? Maybe there's a SGGS student reading my freaking blog right now and decides to tell the whole school about this story I'm gonna freaking tell on the very next following day.

So this's what happened... The whole class was having quite enough havoc when this specific teacher came in (Well, not really having havoc lah... Just that we're busy sharing juicy gossips and chatting happily. Hehehe). Then, the whole class became quiet in a split second the moment the teacher walked in. This teacher never teach me before, so I don't really know her or whatever shit. I was like minding my own business when she walked in. Out of the blue, she started to speak with her soulless complexion.

"You girls should be panicking right now because PT3(Our very freaking impotant examination which has replaced PMR in Malaysia) is coming and you girls were busy chatting happily away. I saw that when I was standing outside your class. You girls should be studying right now and I don't see there's any books on your desks. I still remembered last time, Form 3 girls batch 2010-2012, when I walked pass their class, I never heard they make noise before. All of them were busy doing their home works & revisions. They're worrying about PMR and they studied hard for it. But you girls... It's PT3 and you are the first batch, the guinea pigs. You girls should be worrying..." and so on...

I was like, "Panic? So did you mean that you want us to freaking scream like hell and kept asking the teachers about PT3 again and again?".  Of course, I didn't say that out loud, I just say that in my mind, so no one can hear it.

It's ok if she wanna talk about PT3 but then when she suddenly changed the topic from PT3 to "About My Daughter"...

"My daughter is studying in _____ University overseas now. (I forgot the university's name) And when she came back, she told me that..." bla bla bla and whole lots of proud stuffs about her daughter and the difference between about overseas's educational system and Malaysia's educational system.

I was like, "So, are you freaking trying to motivate us with your daughter's story?". And of course, I just say that in my mind.

After that, she get back to the very first topic which is PT3.

"Anyway, you girls no need to worry or panic about PT3. We, teachers will try to help you by telling you how the formats looks like. We'll give you exercises to brush up your skills..." bla bla bla again.

I was like, "Ok, let me get this clear. So do you want us to panic or not? First, you're angry with us because we acted like we didn't care at all and then? Now, what?! You said to us that we no need to freaking worry about it. Seriously, teacher, you're making me crazy! I can freaking go to Tanjung Rambutan (A very well-known asylum in Penang) after listening to you." I said that in my mind again...

Well, it's not that I disrespect this teacher. I respect everyone regarding their age, gender and religion. It's just that the ways this teacher speaks and the way she acted made us felt that she's kind of arrogant and too proud. Her face expression is worse. She bent her lips downwards every time she finished a sentence just to show her dissatisfaction towards us. The way she speaks is the worst. After she finished one sentence, she'll wait for 10-15 seconds before she moved on to another sentence just to make us feel guilty.

I actually kept staring at her face for the whole time when she's talking in front of the class. I wonder if she had done any plastic surgery before because her cheeks muscle and dimples were... were... I don't know how to describe them... They didn't seem to move even a bit. It's like she don't have any face expression at all. Words can't describe my feelings towards her... her... face...

Hey, peeps! I know what you're thinking! I'm not the only one have that kind of feeling, ok. Even my friends also said that to me after the class. We were like Hi-5.

Last but not least, PANIC or NOT?! =3

Friday 6 June 2014

Vivid Dream

By just looking at the title, you can know that I want to talk about my dream today. Hey, don't misunderstand! I'm talking about the dream we have when we're sleeping, kay! Not the other dream, ya, so don't confuse, kay.

Before I start talking about my dream, let me explain the definition of vivid dream first.
Vivid dream is dream that appears to be real or is very realistic.
For more info about vivid dream, you can go Google search about it.

Today, I dream of a random guy hugging me. I didn't saw his face but somehow I felt safe hugging him. I still remembered the way he dress. He dressed like he's going for a cosplay and his hair is silver-blonde in colour (He looks like an anime character but I seldom watch anime, so my question is why I dream of an anime guy? Like seriously, how ridiculous is that?!). His hair style is something like this...

Don't get me wrong, peeps! I'm not saying that the guy who I dreamt look exactly like this. Just that their hair style look the same.

"How about you? How you dress in your dream?"
Me? Haha, I dreamt that I was dressed in a very beautiful anime dress and my hair is tied into a very long pony-tail which is silver-blonde in colour just like him, too! I'm not lying, it's 100% true! Below is the picture I find to describe how I look like in my dream, haha.

I can't find an image of a girl with silver-blonde pony-tail with Google image, so I think this one will do even though the hair is not silver-blonde in colour.

I don't know why we hugged, it's like we just hugged each other, just like that. No reason. We hugged each other so tight that I can even felt his body warmth. Awwww, so warm... until I didn't even realise that it was just a dream. As you can see, I can felt his body temperature some more, so it's very hard for me to know that I was just dreaming.  Normally, when I dream, I know it's a dream and I will just wake up and continue sleeping. But this one is totally different! I didn't feel like waking up and the main point is I want the hugging to continue for forever... and .... ever...

What happened next in your dream? I woke up lar and then continue sleeping and moved on to another dream. But before my dream end, I remembered seeing the word "Tujulela" or "Tzulelu", but I forgot. I thought Tujulela is that guy's name, maybe... Who knows? I Googled the words just now but it seems like those words don't have any meanings at all.

I actually believed that I'll meet this guy in the future the second after I woke up from the dream. I'm still thinking about that dream when I was brushing my teeth. But not long after that I realised, dream will always be dream, no matter how vivid it is. It'll never be real... So sad... :(