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Lone Ranger
I'm rarely bored alone; I'm often bored in groups and crowds. :)

Monday 19 May 2014

I'm NOT a Blogger but I Still Blog

Ladies & gentlemen... let me proudly represent my blog... Tada... Ok, I admit that it actually does sound lame here by just looking at the title 'I'm NOT a Blogger but I Still Blog'. Well, I'm really is not a blogger & that's the truth & I almost choked myself to death when I create this blog & change the settings & bla bla bla. It's a tiring job, ok especially for a noob  like me. One of the reasons I created this blog is because I was influenced by my friend, Yun Sing who's a blogger. Here is her blog's link:

Do visit whenever you feel like it, ya! ;)
Another reasons why I have a blog is because sometimes, I really don't know where I can spill my feelings & thoughts to. I don't have much options other than blog though. I dislike writing in a diary because it waste a lot of pen ink, paper & the most important one is MONEY. I don't want people to cut down trees just to make some nice-looking diary. It's would be so NOT eco-friendly & then what?! Then, we have to use our money to buy it? It's not a good idea for me, so ya. "Why not spill you feelings & thoughts to your close ones?", maybe some of you will say so but then, what happen? They start lecturing you about social, life & bla bla bla & some of them even acted like they don't care at all. (My parents are like that.) FINE, I'm totally OK with that.

Before I have a blog, I thought that blog is lame but now I think it's TOTALLY ROCKKKSSS!!! I will post more stuffs here soon, so do always visit my blog, ya! ;)

Before I end, I have to admit that my English writing skill is very bad, so if you find any grammatical errors in my blog, please don't judge. I'm still learning like a kindergarten child. *Sobs :'(