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Friday 30 October 2015

What I Have Learnt From Drama Team

Did I tell that I'm one of the drama team members before? Did I? Haha. I'm sorry if I didn't tell you guys in any of my post before. It's okay, now you know. xp What can i said is joining drama team is nothing but fun. In the meantime, you get to learn a lot of things, too. Below are a few things I have learnt from drama team:

1. Have Fun!!!
Being an actress in a drama team doesn't mean you have to memorise your script all the time or every freaking time. You can always have fun by mixing around props people to make the props and other actresses or actors. You can always play with the role you are playing by adjusting the personality and reanalysis the character you are acting as. People change, so do the characters in the story. Be flexible. Do not have the mindset that "It MUST be like this". Personality of the characters in the story can always be changed from time to time depending on their mood or the story adaption.

2. Enjoy your role~
No matter what role you get, just enjoy it and always try your best to act it out even if you are just holding a minor character in the story. Indulge yourself in the character. It doesn't matter whether you only have a few lines or gonna die on the first scene. You gotta enjoy it. This is what make you a good actress or actor. You have to remember that every character in the story play an important role as the story climaxed or move on. Every scene lead to another scene or produce a new character. Let's take the movie Cinderella as an example. If Cinderella's mother did not die, her father won't be marrying a cruel widow as her stepmother and this stepmother won't exist in the movie, thus no one would stop Cinderella from going to the ball and fairy godmother won't appear to help her, thus no protagonist is produced. Do you get what I mean? It doesn't always have to be all about 'you'. You do not need to get the main role in the story to prove yourself. It can always be you who play the role. :D

3. Get to know more spooky stories
Do you know that the scariest part of the stage is backstage? If you study in a school that exist since Japanese Occupation, you will know that the stage is a place where most of the secret basements can be found. Who know why the basements were made there and what happened there before? In a nutshell, that's what make the backstage a spooky place and definitely a nice place to tell any spooky tales. We (drama team members) would always gathered at the backstage and sit in a circle while sharing any horror stories. See, you get to listen horror stories and experience the spooky feeling at the right place in the same time.

4. The stage is like our second bed
The stage is like our second bed.
We get to sleep on the stage.
Eat on the stage.
Roll on the stage.
Slide on the stage.
Shit on the stage. (Nah, I'm just joking about this one) xp
Pose on the stage.
Like nobody business
At all.
Because the stage belong to us
And we belong to the stage.
It's like our territory.
But if some other stars are coming for it,
We gonna back off.

5. Widen your circle of friends
Okay, so there are a few first, second and third formers who joined drama team this year and at first, we don't talk much to each other and we are like complete strangers or some kind like "Hi, Bye" friend to each other because we just have nothing to talk about. I mean what would a fourth former like me talk to the other formers? Nothing at all. But as days passed, we started to become closer and closer. We could talk about the most random thing from A to Z and of course there are always some juicy gossips could be heard as we gathered in a circle and chat when we are not practising for drama. And of course lesbian stories and ghost stories are the juiciest things to talk about. Take me as an example. I never talk to these these two juniors because I have nothing to talk as we are from different forms. But, "POOF!" after a few days, we started to talk all about anime and all those stuffs and started to molest each other like we have known each other for years. Haha, Funny, right? This is what I thought of when I flashed back.

6. You will always know when is the time to get serious
We are very playful during practices. Usually, we don't really do our best when we are practising because we knew that if we kept doing our best in each practise, at one point, we will become fed up easily as we need to repeat the same freaking lines again and again. But, when it comes to deal with the real shit, you are so gonna amused with us and shat your pants. xp

Tomorrow is our third time and also the last time performing for this year in occasion of 'The Sound of The Night' and Halloween night. We have performed two times and won first runner up in Inter- School English Drama Competition and second runner up in District Level English Drama Competition respectively. I'm going to miss all the fun and memories we have created together in drama team so much... *sobs*

"Ahem, ahem. There's still next year, Sun Ru." 
Oh, ya hor. Hehe. Oops, too much sentimentality here! Sorry...We are going to reunite next year anyway, so ya!

Inter- School English Drama Competition 2015

4th former Gang chilling after ISEDC2015

2 juniors who I became closed with through drama team :D #Dressrehearsal

Yay, Trophies! #DistrictLevelEnglishDramaCompetition2015

Drama Practice for 'The Sound of The Night'. #30thOctober2015

We are just a bunch of girls who love acting and drama! We are nothing more but Drama Queens. Yes! That's what we are! We are SGGS Drama Queens! We're Rocksss! SGGS Drama Team ROCKSSS!!! XD

Jack Frost and Elsa: Missing Winter (Chapter 3)

*Knock, knock*

Elsa: *Yawn* Who would it be?

She went to open the door.

Jack Frost: Hey!
Elsa: *stunned* Hey...
Jack Frost: You know what? I was about to confess to her yesterday and...
Elsa: And you did and she accepted...
Jack Frost: Ermmm, sadly, nope. *put his stick against the wall and sat on the table*
Elsa: Why? *surprised* Is it because...
Jack Frost: Actually I chickened out. I didn't confess at all. I couldn't when I look at her. I knew I will get rejected. *covered his face with his hands*
Elsa: *patted him on the shoulder* I thought it's because you didn't bathe when you met her and she hated the stink on you.
Jack Frost: *smiled* Your joke. It doesn't help, Elsa...
Elsa: Well, that's the only joke I could think of.
Jack Frost: Thanks, anyway. By the way, did I smell that bad? *Smelled himself*
Elsa: All I know is that you should get a hot bubble bath for that. *Laughed*
Jack Frost: But before that, let's have some fun!

He grabbed Elsa's hand and pulled her along to the window nearby.

Elsa; Wait! What are you doing? I can't fly.
Jack Frost: But I can!
Elsa: No, you don't know! I...
Jack Frost: Here we go!

Within a second, off they flew to the sky. Elsa struggled at first but when her feet stopped hitting the ground, she was so scared that she leaned against Jack. Awww, how sweet~ <3 <3 <3

Jack Frost: C'mon! Open your eyes! You should see this.
Elsa: No!
Jack Frost: Trust me. You will never regret doing this. Open your eyes.

Elsa slowly open her eyes and was amazed to see such a beautiful scenery from up above. It's totally a bird-eye view of the whole village!

Elsa: Oh my God! This is spectacular!
Jack Frost: Told, ya! Hold me tighter! I'm gonna speed up! Woo hoo!

I never thought that I could find this picture in Google Search. This picture is exactly just like what I have imagined. I swear I never see this picture until I searched it in Google after I finished typing the story for chapter 3. Wow! This is amazing!

Disclaimer: I do not own this picture. Credit goes to Google Search :)