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Friday, 30 October 2015

Jack Frost and Elsa: Missing Winter (Chapter 3)

*Knock, knock*

Elsa: *Yawn* Who would it be?

She went to open the door.

Jack Frost: Hey!
Elsa: *stunned* Hey...
Jack Frost: You know what? I was about to confess to her yesterday and...
Elsa: And you did and she accepted...
Jack Frost: Ermmm, sadly, nope. *put his stick against the wall and sat on the table*
Elsa: Why? *surprised* Is it because...
Jack Frost: Actually I chickened out. I didn't confess at all. I couldn't when I look at her. I knew I will get rejected. *covered his face with his hands*
Elsa: *patted him on the shoulder* I thought it's because you didn't bathe when you met her and she hated the stink on you.
Jack Frost: *smiled* Your joke. It doesn't help, Elsa...
Elsa: Well, that's the only joke I could think of.
Jack Frost: Thanks, anyway. By the way, did I smell that bad? *Smelled himself*
Elsa: All I know is that you should get a hot bubble bath for that. *Laughed*
Jack Frost: But before that, let's have some fun!

He grabbed Elsa's hand and pulled her along to the window nearby.

Elsa; Wait! What are you doing? I can't fly.
Jack Frost: But I can!
Elsa: No, you don't know! I...
Jack Frost: Here we go!

Within a second, off they flew to the sky. Elsa struggled at first but when her feet stopped hitting the ground, she was so scared that she leaned against Jack. Awww, how sweet~ <3 <3 <3

Jack Frost: C'mon! Open your eyes! You should see this.
Elsa: No!
Jack Frost: Trust me. You will never regret doing this. Open your eyes.

Elsa slowly open her eyes and was amazed to see such a beautiful scenery from up above. It's totally a bird-eye view of the whole village!

Elsa: Oh my God! This is spectacular!
Jack Frost: Told, ya! Hold me tighter! I'm gonna speed up! Woo hoo!

I never thought that I could find this picture in Google Search. This picture is exactly just like what I have imagined. I swear I never see this picture until I searched it in Google after I finished typing the story for chapter 3. Wow! This is amazing!

Disclaimer: I do not own this picture. Credit goes to Google Search :)

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