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Saturday 29 August 2015

Sir or Ah Boy?

Bonjour, peeps! Today, I was having a Science and Technology Literation Competition in SEAMEO RECSAM, Penang (To be honest,I never knew this place exist until I joined this competition). xp

Basically, we have to perform a 10 minutes drama for this freaking competition and it was not any easy job, okay. We were the sixth group to perform and it went on like this. Five groups had to perform before break and the next five groups will perform after the break, so it means my team is the first group to perform after the break but fortunately, we were let to have our break once the fourth group had finished as the time was delayed due to the long speech by the honoured guests, so we became the second group to perform after the break! Yay!

We were the last group to go out for break because we haven't test with the sound effect yet and we wanted to make sure that our power point is compatible with the Microsoft in the laptop provided by the organizer. We were in rush actually because if we didn't test the sound effect quickly, we could be late for break. If we are late for break, we will have no time to eat. If we have no time to eat, we will be starving during our performance. If we are starving during our performance, our performance will be affected. If our performance is affected, we will face a higher chance of losing the competition. Sound serious, right?

So when we reached the table where the laptop was put, a bunch of guys from other school was copy pasting their files into the laptop, so we have to wait. Since we were in a rush, so I gathered my gut and asked one of the fella, "Sir, how long will you take?" Then, he answered, "Ermmm, I'm actually a student like you, so I'm not sir."

I was like, "Hey, brother! I don't know your name la. If I don't call you sir. How may I address you lah? I don't even know your age. What if I call you Ah Boy but you are older? That's worse, right? Plus, isn't 'Sir' a respectful way to address every man whom you don't know his name? Isn't it?" Of course, I only say that in my mind. Instead of a very long explanation, I just said, "Oops, sorry! It's because I don't know your name so ya!"

I don't simply call stranger by the address, 'Brother' if I'm not close to them because it's just so weird calling a stranger brother.

Gentlemen, isn't the address 'Sir' mean for every male regarding their age? I'm confused right now~ Somebody, please tell me...

Anyway, it's always a must to post a photo of our drama. If you wanna print out this photo and make it as a poster, you are always welcomed to ask for our autograph. xp

Ahem, ahem. You think you are artist, is it?
Ermmm, kind of. Hehe

Let me present to you the Drama Queens of the day!!!

Wednesday 12 August 2015

The Fault In Our Stars (Gay Version)

Ok, I'm not going to start this post with any greeting since I'm a lazy asshole who're too lazy to think of a fantastic or awesome greeting as a starter.

For your information, I borrowed a very famous book from a friend of mine, Ishwari a few days ago namely The Fault In Our Stars by John Green. For short, TFIOS. I think everyone know this book, it's either you had read it or watched it. This book has been made into a movie a few months ago, if I'm not wrong. Ok, ok, I admit that I'm quite outdated in book stuff. While the others had started to read Paper Town, I just started to read the very first word in TFIOS.

I was so into this book that I finished reading about 80 pages in just a few hours. This book is sooo boring and yet awesome in the same time, man! John Green, you got me, bro!

So I had this one bastard who had watched the movie of TFIOS earlier, so I asked him how was the movie. In case you don't know, I actually haven't finish reading the book yet when I asked him about the movie. Well, I don't mind spoiler. So, basically this's what he told me about TFIOS:

"Augustus Waters is a gay actually. He had sex with his best friend Isaac. Hazel Grace caught them on the spot when they're doing it and she was like, "So, you are gay, huh?". Augustus explained that he actually flirted with her because he couldn't accept the fact he was a gay, so he try to be a man by having a girlfriend but truth hurts. He just have to be a gay. But they are still friends in the end. I think I forgot the ending but I think Hazel Graze died. I'm not sure. Her last wish is that Augustus Waters get married with Isaac."

By the time I finish listening to his own version of  TFIOS (The problem is I don't even know that was his own version of TFIOS by that time), I was so shocked and I was in a deep mood of a mixture of disappointment and surprise. I mean how could Augustus Waters and Isaac are gay. I mean Isaac had a girlfriend name, Monica at the beginning of the story. How could he be gay?! Like seriously, I couldn't believe it.

I went home and google searched the synopsis of TFIOS (Even though, I haven't finish reading the book yet) and the ending is totally different from what the bastard had told me. I quickly texted him and ask him what the heck he was watching actually and below are what I got as a reply:

"Haha, I know the ending is not like that. I just tricked you, You are just so gullible. So easy to be tricked."

The moment I got the freaking message, I was like, "Damn it! I got trolled again!"  ><

Note to John Green:
It is not my intention to spoil your very bestselling and award winning novel but if you are really angered by the book review I have written here, you are always welcomed to sue the bastard who had told me this gay version of TFIOS. XD

It's not that I'm easy to be tricked but that bastard acting was so real and in the meantime he sounded real, too. He even said, "Maybe that's why it's called 'The Fault In Our Stars' because Augustus Waters looks at the stars and he realized that he was a gay." when I asked him why the book is called by its name.

Anyway, I'm proud that I were able to finish the book in just two days while my friend took months to finish it. *Adjust spectacle* Hah, Ishwari, take that! xp

Hmmm. I realize that I have been promoting book lately, I think maybe I should turn this blog into a book blog or something la. Nah~ As if I'm a bookworm. But, it's always good to indulge yourself in the world of fictional writing piece as the saying goes, "A reader lives a thousand lives before he died... the man who never reads lives only one."

Before I end, John Green, pay me for promoting the book! xD