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Lone Ranger
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Monday 23 June 2014

Losing Stuffs

Arghhhhhhh!!! I'm so frustrated today I'm gonna go long piak (means bang the wall with your face in Hokkien). I lost my PJ textbook today. I'm totally ******!!! I hate this kind of shit to happen in my life! I hate losing stuffs and things. I felt guilty for losing them. I'll blame myself for being so careless after losing them.

I really hate losing stuffs. You can say that I'm kind of nostalgia. I still remembered the very last time I lost my stuff is when I'm standard 3. I often lost my stuffs when I'm in primary school but it's just small stuffs such as pencils, rulers, sharpener and erasers. Most of them is stationeries. I never EVER lose a book in my life before until today.

If you lost a textbook, it's actually a serious matter. Why? BECAUSE THE BOOK BELONGS TO THE SCHOOL!!! THEY JUST LENT THOSE BOOKS TO US FOR A ONE WHOLE YEAR AND AFTER THAT WE HAVE TO RETURN THEM!!! Ok, chill, Sun Ru, chill...

And the worse thing is they don't accept money. They will freaking go and ask us to find the exactly same freaking stupid book in any bookshop and buy it as a substitute. Like the heck I have the time to go to find the EXACTLY SAME BOOK! Ok, chill, Sun Ru, chill...

What if the freaking old PJ textbook come out from its hidden place the moment after I bought the new textbook? It would be a waste of money and time, right? Shit happens!

The most frustrated moment is when you try so hard to remember where you left it and when you lose it but it seems like your mind just can't sort things out as easily as you want! There're these 2 Rules For Finding Things You Have Lost:
1) It's usually where you left it.
2) It's probably staring you right in the face.
Well, I learnt this 2 Rules from a book in title of "Mirrormask".

Maybe, it's ok if sometimes you lost small stuff but what if you lost "big" stuff? What if you lost a million dollars cheque which you have worked for so hard in your life to get it? What if you lost a kidney due to kidney failure? What if you lost your loved one in an accident? Then, it would be a tragedy, right?

Or maybe, you can look into the bright side. Let's just say you're brain cancer patient. One day,  the tumour in your brain just disappear like that, so you actually lost a tumour, don't you? And you live happily ever after without the tumour.

Life is often unpredictable. Sometimes, maybe it's good for you to lost something in your life but sometimes maybe the thing that you lost in your life will leave a scar in your heart...

Arghhhh! Im still feeling frustrated over the lost PJ textbook! I really don't want to buy a new one as a substitute because if I do so, I will lost my money! $$$