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Thursday 24 July 2014

Disadvantages of Exam

Hey, guys! So, I have been meditating for like 2 weeks non-stop by not opening my laptop. Why? Because I have to study for that FREAKING PT3 trial. Arghhh!!! Stress, tension and anxiety stroke me in just 2 weeks time! Of course, I hate exam just like others and I believed that exam is created to cause mental disorder in kids like us for no reason. I hate all kinds of exam neither government examination nor school base examination. If there is a time machine, I would have go back in time to kill the one who had created this "exam" stuff. Here are the reasons why I hate exams:

1. It gives you ailments such as headache, gastric and back pain.
*Human's brain is like a microchip which has a fixed number of data storage, so if I force myself to absorb more informations from the books even though it has reached its limit, it will break down and in the end I'll experienced serious headache.
*When I started to do revision, I won't do a single shit except reading a big stack of books including eating because I want to focus. Hehe, to be honest, actually I got watch TV also lah when I was doing my revisions. Not really focussing though.
*I still remembered the stabbing pain at the the back of my neck after a Maths test. Walao eh! Sibeh tia! My head was bent down all the time during the test because I am a SSS (Short Sightedness Syndrome) victim. I have to bent my head to look at the questions clearly.

2. It causes mental disorder.
*Sometimes, I do suspect whether I myself have mental illness or not as I love to hurt myself by pulling my hair when I can't memorise some simple facts from the books. I'm just that desperate :(

3. Exam's results is everything.
*If you didn't do well in your exam, you're known as the "normal" which means no one will want to know about you or ask about you because you have no difference with the other 1000+ students who failed their exams. You're compared to a grain of sand on the beach. Plus, your parents will start their endless lectures whenever you brought home your examination result slip.
*But if you are some random smartass, then things won't be the same for you. People will start to praise you and start to act nice towards you as if as you're an invaluable diamond from a very rare place. Nah, hypocrite, I would say.

4. No leisure
No time for TV
No time for foods
No time for a nap
No time for our close ones
No time for this
No time for that
NO time, NO time!

5. More schoolworks!
*Teachers often give last minute practice by giving out assignment for the first few weeks before exam. I mean do the teachers even know that we have to do our very own revisions too besides doing their assignment.

Anyway, all of the above is just my opinions towards exam. Nothing serious about it, peeps. Of course, besides disadvantages, there're also advantages of exam but I won't say anything about it as the title of my post clearly stated "Disadvantages of Exam"~ :P