Lone Ranger

Lone Ranger
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Friday 22 January 2016

Set Fire to The Rain

I'm just too lazy to spit out my feeling through typing, so I shall let this song, "Set Fire to The Rain" by Adele to do the job. My whole life in a while is described fully in this song. :)

I used to wonder why there are more love songs than song from other genres last time but after going through all those heartbreaks and hardship, now I understand. It's because love is a basic feeling which every human being in this world will experience. It could make you happy and hurt in the same time. We might feel happy only for a while but once hurt, it would be forever. The scar will stay. You couldn't keep it to yourself. You need someone out there to listen to you. That's why most of the people especially singers tend to write love songs and sing them to the world.

I wouldn't give a shit about what's the meaning behind all those songs before this. If I love it, I will listen to it and hum the music all day long without knowing what's the actual meaning of those songs. Literally, I enjoyed the music more than enjoying and understanding the lyrics. However, as time passed, I have changed. I tend to search for the meaning of lyrics on Google once I heard a song that I really like, most probably love songs nowadays.

I found a quote which describe my current situation so much. Here you go :) :