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Lone Ranger
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Monday 4 August 2014

Running Out of Time!!!

Hey, humans!  Haha, I'm an alien~ Wakaka. I'm sure that every one of us is having Monday blue today, doesn't it? So after a week of Raya holidays, I have Pendidikan Moral, Pendidikan Sivik dan Kewarganegaraan and Art exam on the very first day of school, pretty nice huh? Well, the first 2 subjects are like seriously very easy even if you didn't study also I guarantee you can pass with flying colours.

On the other hand, Art is not as easy as the other 2 subjects. We were given five choices and no matter which one we pick, we still have to draw human figures. It's not that I'm not good in painting human but just that it's not my best lorrr. I prefer sketching them with normal dry media such as pen and pencil instead of painting them with wet media such as watercolour and brushes.

And that's not the worst, we were ONLY given 1 hour 30 minutes to finish the drawing. Every one of us was rushing like heck. We kept begging the teacher to longer the time because we're seriously running out of time!!! Luckily, this teacher who teaches us art is very kind-hearted and gave us extra 5-10 minutes after 1 hour of begging. That 5-10 minutes are my very precious moment to touch up my drawing. Usually, I'm always is the last person to hand in my drawing during exam because I'm just that slow~ Very slow~

I hate it when I have to rush when I was doing my artwork. I somehow felt that it's not an art any more if I have to rush. I think it's more to a product, a meaningless product instead of artwork. Haha, le me started to speak like I'm some kind of very famous artistic people. Nah~

Gotta stop here. Oh, ya! Before I end, I have to thanks a friend of mine for lending me the Diary of A Wimpy Kid: Cabin Fever!

Actually I can type longer than this but it seems like the spirit of laziness has taken over my body, so that's it. Bye! But first let me take a selfie, with Webcam!