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Thursday 22 October 2015

Jack Frost and Elsa: Missing Winter (Chapter 1)

Hi, peepo! Today, I'm going to write a sad love story with the characters Jack Frost from Rise of The Guardians and Elsa from Frozen. In other words, I'm going to write a fan fiction. I'm inspired to write fan fiction lately. I don't know why. I just feel like writing one, so why not? I choose to write about these two characters because both of these cartoons are my favourites and I always think that Jack Frost and Elsa would be the best couple ever if Dreamwork and Disney collaborate to make a movie of these two characters because they (the characters) just have so many things in common like having the power to freeze stuff and make snows and all those crazy stuff like "Wow!". Okay, okay, enough with all the superpowers stuff. So here's the story:

Jack Frost is a very playful guy like everyone has known earlier as he is the Guardian of Fun and Winter. He hates responsibility. Oops, did I just badmouthing about him? Sorry. Hehe. He have crush on this girl name... Wait! I can't tell! He makes me promise him not to tell, so I have to keep my mouth shut about it. Anyway, all you guys need to know is that he has a crush on a girl and unfortunately that girl is not Elsa. SO SAD :(

In contrast, Elsa is a very serious person due to her uncontrollable power. She shuts people out for their own sake but they thought Elsa is a snob. They don't know the truth and they went to spread rumours around about her. How shitty is that, right? As for Elsa, she give no two cents about what others think about her because she doesn't care. She just doesn't care. They are her nobody, so why she should care? She thought she would like nobody in this world until one day she saw him...

He (Who would it be if it's not Jack Frost) was playing snow fight with other little kids when Elsa decided to have a look on the outside world through her window that day. "He's just so charming..." Elsa thought. Well, you can't blame Elsa for falling in love so fast. Guys look the cutest when they are playing with kids, don't you agree? Any girls would have fall in love with any hots guys like Jack Frost when they are playing with kids. Maybe that's why Elsa has such feeling when she saw him at first. HE WAS PLAYING WITH KIDS!

"Catch this!" yelled one of the kid who was playing with Jack Frost. The snowball almost hit Jack Frost on the head when Elsa used her magical blue laser power and shot the snowball back into snows. That makes a great explosion, I think. Well, Elsa can't control her power so she should be forgave for her mistake. Plus, she just want to protect her... ermmm... her crush...

"Wow, Jack! That's awesome!"
"No, it's not me..." said Jack Frost.
"It must be you! You are the only one who can do this."
Then, Jack Frost saw Elsa who was staring at him through the window. Their eyes met. Elsa quickly closed the curtain when Jack looked at her.

Jack P.O.V (Point of View):
Isn't that the weird girl whom I always heard about? They said she's a snob and she had a boyfriend who went to Arendelle two years ago but he never came back for her because of her stinky attitudes. Is she the one who helped me with the snowball fight just now? But I never heard about her having any superpower before. If yes, but why would she do so? Why did she look away when I look at her? Does she know me?

Elsa P.O.V:
I can't. I can't bear to look at him. My heart would melt any time soon if I continue to do so. Oh gosh, he's just so charming and handsome as hell. Should I go to talk to him? But I'm not ready. Oh, Elsa! Be calm. Just be yourself! You can do this! You can!

When Elsa opened the curtain again, Jack Frost was just standing right outside the window and smiling at her.
"Hi!" greeted Jack Frost
Elsa screamed and closed the curtain without any hesitation. She was such a nervous wreck when she realized. "Why am I screaming?" She took a deep breathe and decided to open the curtain for the second time to check if Jack Frost is still there. Oh dear, she was having too much butterflies in her stomach. "Elsa, calm down, Just check whether if he's still there. If he's still there, just say "Hi!" to him like how he did just now. If he's not there, just close the curtain and act like nothing had happened. You can do this, Elsa!" mumbled Elsa. "One, two, three!" Elsa opened the curtain and, "Hi!" Awww, he wasn't there... Elsa was disappointed. She knew this will happen. Why is she giving herself hope?

"Hi!" Jack Frost suddenly appeared from up there. Haha. No one would have expected that he was hanging around on top of Elsa's house roof.

"Oh, hi!"
"You know why am I here right?"
"Erm, nope."
"I just wanna say thanks for what happened just now."
"Well, what happened just now?"
"You are the one who destroyed the snowball threw by the little imp, right? If you didn't do that, I would have lose the snowball fight."
"Oh! Erm, that's nothing."
"I never knew that you had such superpower. I never heard about it from the villagers."
"The villagers?"
"Yea, you are quite popular here, you know? People keep talking about you."
"What did they say about me?"
"Well, they said you're a snob and you got a boyfriend who went to Arendelle who never came back and..."
"Whoa, wait a minute! That's not true. I do not have a boyfriend! Or a boyfriend who went to Arendelle!"
"Oh, so it's a rumour?"
"Yea, I think if you choose to believe me instead of the villagers."
"Of course I believed you."

To be continued~

P.S: *Yawn* I'm too sleepy to continue to type the story, so I shall continue tomorrow or when I have the mood to do so. xp I knew the first chapter sounds quite boring but I promised you guys that there will be more conflicts and interesting scenes (Ahem, ahem. Not that kind of pervert scene, okay. I know what are you guys thinking xp) in the upcoming chapters, so do always visit my blog for an update and sorry for any grammatical errors, I know my English is very shitty and I'm trying my best to fix that. Screw it! My English never improved even though I have tried so hard. T.T Do comment below for the story or any grammar errors. It helps a lot! :D

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