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Lone Ranger
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Friday 27 March 2015

Girl, GO STUDY!"

Yo, what's up guys! The ceiling is up, Haha, it's just the same old lame joke as usual. Was kind of busy lately so I don't really have the chance to update my blog.  :(

Good news for me! I skipped all classes the whole days today! Woo-hooooo! Well, I skipped classes not because that I want to but it was a need. Plus, most of the teachers were absent, so in other word I actually didn't miss a single class because there's no teacher in the class at all! I skipped classes because I needed to interview a teacher who's going to retire in June in the morning & I had drama practice after that. At least wandering around the school compound is better than leading a sedentary routine in a class with no teacher at all.

In the evening, I went to headquarters for physical arrangement. What's physical arrangement? Well, what can I say is that you people do not have the need to know about what is that (Probably it's because I don't know how to explain what the heck is that to you guys lorrr. Haha).

In the end of the physical arrangement, got this one peep which is considered as my senior fetched me home. Surprisingly, this senior had to fetch this one old man (For some odd reasons, I called this guy an "Old man") home. This old man was not too old or not too young, but he is considered as an old man for me because the way he spoke is just so... Aahhh, I don't know how to describe, but what can I say is that there's a sense of humour with the way he spoke. His sense of humour can even beat Charlie Charplin, a very famous comedian. Anyway, he's just 18 years old and his name is Buttowski. I knew, I knew the name is weird. "Buttowski? Does this name even exist?!" I predicted you peeps say that. And YES, this name does exist and this guy is the lucky one to have it as his name. XP

When he first got into the car, he kept commenting on my senior' driving skill and tell a lot of other craps. Then, out of sudden, he talked about his SPM result which was kind of sucks. Hey, peeps focus! This's where the funny part begin.

"Wey, you ah need to study hard. If not, you will be like me. I only got 3As and  Bs, Cs and Es in SPM and they put me together with other students whose grades were far more worse than mine which is kind of sucks. I went back to my old school today and when the teachers saw me, they asked me to fuck off. I said I am going to study Form 6 but they asked me to fuck off again. I showed my mother my results and she said "You already did your best" but I felt like she's mocking me lar dey." he said it to my senior with some kind of accent  which make me laughed like a maniac.

"Girl, you must also study hard. Don't be like me. Go home and study. If not you'll be like me," he continued but this time his advice was mean for me and I just can't stop giggling whenever he spoke.
"Hey, girl! I'm serious. Go study, you know. If not you'll be like me..." he actually repeated the same thing throughout the journey until we reached my home. By that time I was laughing like a maniac. Holy hot wings, I was laughing my ass off!

Before I get down from the car, he again reminded me "Girl, go study."
After I get down from the car and was about to walk away from them, he opened the car window and AGAIN, "Girl, remember to study, ah."

For a moment, I was like, "This guy really need to soak himself in a nice hot bubble bath and take some aspirin. Like seriously, he's acting like a 60 years old man even though HE IS JUST 18 YEARS OLD!"
And of course I just said it in my head , so no one can hear me.

In addition, he knew my name but instead of calling me by my name, he called me "Girl". Macamlah saya ni anak dia (Means as if I am his daughter in Malay).

But there's this one thing that this guy don't know about me is that I do study a month before an exam. Maybe he thought that I'm just an average typical student who never study. Hahaha. I'm not trying to brag but this guy really need to stop his "Girl, go to study!" say-so on me. XD