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Lone Ranger
I'm rarely bored alone; I'm often bored in groups and crowds. :)

Tuesday 26 May 2015

Thanks, Just Thanks!

Have you ever feel guilty for all he or she had done for you? This will be a very short blog entry for those who have helped me a lot in my life no matter you are a she or a he. I'm not that kind of person who will show my gratitude directly. If I ever insult you or tease you, it's because you are someone I'm comfortable with or special to me. You know who you are.

I just wanna say thanks to those who had helped me a lot in my studies, gave me moral supports whenever I'm stress, being able to bear my bitchy face as well as my chao pattern (Means bad attitude in Bahasa Rojak) when I bo syok (Means not feeling satisfied in Hokkien) with something, gave me free rides (Gotta pay back the petrol money some day, hopefully that day will never come. Troll~), lend me their one and only electronic gadget without reconsidering the risk that I'll screw them up and a lots more. Like I have said earlier, you know who you are anyway

I love my friends & I teased them a lot but they knew that deep inside that I actually appreciated them a lot. They will never leave me to deal with all those shits alone even though sometimes I'll leave them with it. Well, sometimes it was not on purpose, so ya. Peace, yo! xp

Last but not least, thanks for all that you guys had done for me. I really appreciated them. Ok, ok, before I end, I must clearly state that this is not any emotional or sentimental post. It's just a typical thank you post sort of like a thank you card you randomly make for your friends and family for no reason because you want them to know they are so damn important to you and you do appreciate them like a lot, damn lots! I love you guys so much! Be Happy!

Tuesday 19 May 2015


Yo, what's up peep! THE CEILING IS UP! "Can't you start your blog entry with other greeting? Why it is always the same old lame joke?" I knew most of you will say that. Well, I'm too lame to think of another joke, that's why. Plus, I ain't got no mood to think of a joke after a bastard ruined my day. I have gotta thanks him for that! :D *Wide smile (SARCASM & FAKE SMILE DETECTED!!!)

This entry gonna be practically all about a book that I had read last 2 days which had almost make me cry. ALMOST cry, okay. I DIDN'T burst into tears in the end. My eyes just watered, I'm not that kind of person who will cry easily after I watch or read a tragic love story because for me only weak and silly people will grief over a fake love story. Too fake, that it won't even happen in real life. Won't even happen in the world beyond the infinite universe.

Okay, enough about me. Let's get back to the topic we're going to talk about here. The book is titled "Star- Crossed" by Rachael Wing. Here is the review of the book:

Who wouldn't want to star in the world's greatest romance? Your dream's come true. Your school's doing "Romeo and Juliet" and you get the starring role of Juliet. Perfect! There's just one catch: the boy you hate is playing Romeo. He isn't any old enemy - your families are at daggers drawn. A bit like in Romeo and Juliet ...except there's no way you're going to fall for him... But in the end you fell for him after you was forced to give him your first kiss during a rehearsal. You thought you gave him your first kiss was because you need to for the rehearsal but actually you weren't. You started to struggle whether to betray your family for a boy they hate or leave a boy whom you love with your life. Alas, when you already had make your choice, things just couldn't goes right for you. You once doubted whether his love for you was just a way for him to take revenge for his family but things proved you were wrong in the end.  You almost lose your life for him despite of both of your families' affair.

That's all for the review.The author actually used the word "You" to replace the protagonist's name to make you feel like you are the character in the story. It's a pretty good way of writing to make readers to experience the world in the book itself. I can't tell the whole story here. If I tell everything here, I would have spoilt the story and the author would have freaking scold me for spoiling her perfect love story with all those grammatical errors if she read this book review. Wakaka~ If you want to know the ending, quick! Break your piggy bank and buy that book at any available book stores or order through any online book shopping website now! By the way, am I even paid for promoting the book? :/

No need to thank me for recommending such a good book but if you find out that the book doesn't suit your taste or your choice of love genre, don't blame me either! Quality not guaranteed! Some people might like it, some might not.

How I came across this book? Well, I found this book  at the readers's corner in my class and its nice cover attract me to read it though. Well, you can say that I do judge a book by its cover. I won't even touch the book if the cover is not nice. The author gotta thanks the graphic designer for designing such a good cover.

Tadaa~ The cover is nice, right? :D

Gonna write in more blog entries after this! I need to catch up with a friend of mine who had just started a blog a few weeks ago! I kiasu (Means scared of losing in Hokkien). Guess what, she actually wrote in more than 10 blog entries in just 2 weeks time! As for me, I think I just wrote in 1 to 2 entries every month. In total, I think I have only wrote in 15 entries in a year. Haha. What to do? I'm such a lazy asshole. Here's her blog:


Izzati, pay me for promoting your blog! Budak, bayar oik! Jangan tak bayar, nanti berdosa~ Hahaha xp