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Lone Ranger
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Tuesday 26 May 2015

Thanks, Just Thanks!

Have you ever feel guilty for all he or she had done for you? This will be a very short blog entry for those who have helped me a lot in my life no matter you are a she or a he. I'm not that kind of person who will show my gratitude directly. If I ever insult you or tease you, it's because you are someone I'm comfortable with or special to me. You know who you are.

I just wanna say thanks to those who had helped me a lot in my studies, gave me moral supports whenever I'm stress, being able to bear my bitchy face as well as my chao pattern (Means bad attitude in Bahasa Rojak) when I bo syok (Means not feeling satisfied in Hokkien) with something, gave me free rides (Gotta pay back the petrol money some day, hopefully that day will never come. Troll~), lend me their one and only electronic gadget without reconsidering the risk that I'll screw them up and a lots more. Like I have said earlier, you know who you are anyway

I love my friends & I teased them a lot but they knew that deep inside that I actually appreciated them a lot. They will never leave me to deal with all those shits alone even though sometimes I'll leave them with it. Well, sometimes it was not on purpose, so ya. Peace, yo! xp

Last but not least, thanks for all that you guys had done for me. I really appreciated them. Ok, ok, before I end, I must clearly state that this is not any emotional or sentimental post. It's just a typical thank you post sort of like a thank you card you randomly make for your friends and family for no reason because you want them to know they are so damn important to you and you do appreciate them like a lot, damn lots! I love you guys so much! Be Happy!

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