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Lone Ranger
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Tuesday 28 October 2014

Should I Be A Gamer?

Hello people! Long time no see! ^^V (Broken English) I have been kinda lazy to update my blog lately. Why? Practically, I have nothing to write. So, today I'm gonna freaking update every single shit here. XP

So, a friend of mine, Aurora kept talking about gaming with another friend of mine, Steven during a gathering which was held at last Saturday. Well, as you know I'm that type of people who get influenced easily, so I was like why not I try gaming too! For your info, I do play games, casual games especially such as games from GameHouse. For example, Feeding Frenzy, Inspector Parker, Bejeweled, Bookworm Adventure, Bowling, Golf & etc.

Yea, I do play games but I'm not a gamer. Gamers play challenging games such as Dota, GTA, League of Legends (LOL) and SDO. That's why I'm not a gamer because I never play those games before. I don't even know how to play them. I don't know what the heck is GTA or Dota or LOL or SDO until they told me so. In a sudden, I felt... felt... (I don't know how to describe my feelings)

I need to upgrade myself. Yea, upgrade myself to the higher level of gaming (Suddenly become so high-spirited)!

I can play but the only problem I'm facing now is that I don't know how to download and install the games. What the heck?! I scared later if I download from the Internet, there'll be virus and then my sister gonna freaking scold me (It's because the laptop I'm using right is probably belong to her) & by that time World War III would happen. There's NO WAY I'm going to let that to happen EVER!

I told this problem to Aurora & she was like looking at me like I'm some kind of alien or whatsoever. She said those games downloader website are totally free from virus, so why should I worry so much. She explained a lot about games to me seriously as if she's a mentor of mine. Then, I told it's useless that she explained a lot to me if I'm not going to play the game later.

In conclusion I can be a gamer if I want but will I have enough time to do so and will I succeed in installing the games in my laptop? That's the point. I couldn't believe that I'm such a NOOB in gaming!!! OH MY GOD! MUST UPGRADE ALREADY LARRR!!! XP

Friday 8 August 2014

My Very First Liebster Award

So, there's this girl, Yun Sing at http://lifeisgreatwithme.blogspot.com  tag me in some sort of blog game which is called Liebster Award. When I first read it, I was like, "Huh? Lobster Award? What the heck is that?". Haha, what to do. I'm still a noob in blogging stuff, so you can't expect me to know what the heck is that lorrr~ Hahaha. If you want to know how to play this so-called blogging's game, you may refer to http://lifeisgreatwithme.blogspot.com/2014/05/the-liebster-award.html. Below are the questions I got after get tagged:
1. Do you prefer laptop or computer?
Laptop. It comes in handy.

2. What is/are the things you do which you think is stupid when you was/as a kid?
I refused to eat my very own birthday cakes and I regret a lot nowadays because as I started growing up, no more birthday cakes for me. Huhuhu ToT

3. What is your biggest goal for this moment?
Be Faaaaamousssss *Flip hair =3

4. What you do when you do not have idea to update entry?
I slack off by stalking other people's accounts, blogs and etc.

5. What do you think of my blog?
Yun Sing, you knew what I think about your blog... I told you before -,-

6. What do you feel when you know you're been tagged in this entry?
"What the heck is this Lobster Award?!"

7. What is your biggest fear?
I used to fear of my mother's rotan but now it's gone.

8. Which movie(s) you think is/are nice?
Mars Need Mom, The Rise of The Guardian and Frozen. (OMG! I just love 3D cartoon!) <3

9. What is your favourite song?
Marry You-Bruno Mars, The Show-Lenka, Fireworks-KatyPerry and Human-Christina Perry

10. Which month is your birthday?
May, 3 days after Labour Day~ GIVE ME PRESENTS!!!

11. Do enjoy of struggle to answer my questions?
Nah, not really~ They're too easy pixie to struggle =P

Ermmm, tag? I have no one to tag as there's only one follower at my blog lorrr. That's also the girl who tagged me this... *Le me desperade for more followers

Anyway, here's my questions:

1. What's the most embarrassing moment in your life?
2. Do you hate anyone in your life?
3. How much do you hate him/her/them?
4. How you handle people who hate you (haters)?
5. Would you slap those haters if you stand a chance?
6. Who's your crush? (Must tell his/her name.) XP
7. How do you gain self confidence?
8. What will you do if you see a ghost? XD
9. What's you opinion towards plastic surgery? =)
10. What's your bank account number and password? =P
11. How many money do you have in your bank account? =3

Tuesday 5 August 2014

Judgemental Humans

Humans... One day... one day... one day... I'll bring my aliens colony to invade the Earth and start my (WJHC) World Judgemental Humans Clearance project. *Evil grin. Hahaha, I'm just joking. Nah, aliens won't care that much about judgemental  humans on our planet but I do care.

What makes me wanna talk about judgemental humans today?
It's because of what had happened to me today. Such story should be typed here to give awareness to those jerks who love to judge people without knowing their story. They should FREAKING GO and CHANGE their attitudes and behave themselves after reading this post.

Ok, the story is like this... This morning, I wore a jacket over my HPS shirt to school. I know, I know Malaysia weather is very hot but I already get usual with it, so it' not a problem for me to wear a jacket under a hot sunny day.

I hate wearing HPS shirt because it's L size and I supposed to buy M size when I was Form 1 but my ke gao (means act clever in Hokkien)  mother insisted me to buy L size, so I can wear until Form 5 but the problem is the cutting of the shirt is XL even though it is L, man!  It looks like it's for obese people to wear and I'm not even that fat. My weight is only 52 kg. I felt uncomfortable in that shirt because whenever I bowed down, you can see ahem (If you know what I mean)..., so that's WHY I always have to wear jacket to school whenever I wear that shirt!

When I reached school, people I passed by gave me a weird glance and turned away.
During recess, there were these 2 Malay girls from my form queueing up behind me when I was buying food and I heard their conversations. Their conversation went on like this:

Girl A: Hari sejuk kah? (Means "Today, the weather is cold meh?" and she told it in a sarcastic way.)

Girl B: - (No response)

Girl A: Hari ini sejuk kah?  (Repeated her question twice until her friend heard her.)

Girl B: Sikit-sikit sejuk lah. (Means "Got a bit cold.")

Girl A: Sejuk kah? Saya tak rasa apa-apa pun. (Means "Really cold meh? I didn't felt anything also" and once again she told it in a sarcastic way.)

After I heard their conversation, I turned to them and gave them the dirty look on my face because I knew their sarcastic conversation was MEANT FOR ME. The moment after I gave them my version of dirty look, they shut their idiotic mouths up immediately. Then, I turned back to in front. I was like, "Wow, I never know that my dirty look can be so powerful!". Hey, I never mean to hear their conversation at the very first place. They're the one who speak so loud.

Well, that's not the end of it. I can say that people's curiosity can be infinite. Teacher and friends who saw me wearing jacket will ask me why I wear it. Humans...

"Is it that important for everyone to know the story behind a jacket? Does it affect you if I wear a jacket? Does the world will end if I wear a jacket? Why do you care so much about me wearing a jacket? What's your problem with me wearing a jacket if I already said I can bear the hot weather with the jacket? Well, it's not even you problem, right? Why do you even want to judge me?", these are the question I felt like throwing to them whenever they ask some random questions about me wearing a jacket but I'm too lazy to do so, so I just answered them back with a simple and short sentence which is, "I got flu."

Can you humans just don't judge so much? It's so stupid and irritating. My ear can go deaf any time whenever I heard people judging some one. Go and get a life instead. If you really felt like you have nothing else to do and judging people is the only thing you can do for the rest of your life, then go and apply for a judge post. Stop rotting here like a corpse!

Here's a meaningful quote I found from Google image:

P.S: Ok, I admit that today my post is quite harsh today, so I'm sorry if you felt that this post it's more to a hatred post although it's not. Anyway, don't let my post to give you negative effects. Continue smiling after reading, ya. =)

Monday 4 August 2014

Running Out of Time!!!

Hey, humans!  Haha, I'm an alien~ Wakaka. I'm sure that every one of us is having Monday blue today, doesn't it? So after a week of Raya holidays, I have Pendidikan Moral, Pendidikan Sivik dan Kewarganegaraan and Art exam on the very first day of school, pretty nice huh? Well, the first 2 subjects are like seriously very easy even if you didn't study also I guarantee you can pass with flying colours.

On the other hand, Art is not as easy as the other 2 subjects. We were given five choices and no matter which one we pick, we still have to draw human figures. It's not that I'm not good in painting human but just that it's not my best lorrr. I prefer sketching them with normal dry media such as pen and pencil instead of painting them with wet media such as watercolour and brushes.

And that's not the worst, we were ONLY given 1 hour 30 minutes to finish the drawing. Every one of us was rushing like heck. We kept begging the teacher to longer the time because we're seriously running out of time!!! Luckily, this teacher who teaches us art is very kind-hearted and gave us extra 5-10 minutes after 1 hour of begging. That 5-10 minutes are my very precious moment to touch up my drawing. Usually, I'm always is the last person to hand in my drawing during exam because I'm just that slow~ Very slow~

I hate it when I have to rush when I was doing my artwork. I somehow felt that it's not an art any more if I have to rush. I think it's more to a product, a meaningless product instead of artwork. Haha, le me started to speak like I'm some kind of very famous artistic people. Nah~

Gotta stop here. Oh, ya! Before I end, I have to thanks a friend of mine for lending me the Diary of A Wimpy Kid: Cabin Fever!

Actually I can type longer than this but it seems like the spirit of laziness has taken over my body, so that's it. Bye! But first let me take a selfie, with Webcam!

Thursday 24 July 2014

Disadvantages of Exam

Hey, guys! So, I have been meditating for like 2 weeks non-stop by not opening my laptop. Why? Because I have to study for that FREAKING PT3 trial. Arghhh!!! Stress, tension and anxiety stroke me in just 2 weeks time! Of course, I hate exam just like others and I believed that exam is created to cause mental disorder in kids like us for no reason. I hate all kinds of exam neither government examination nor school base examination. If there is a time machine, I would have go back in time to kill the one who had created this "exam" stuff. Here are the reasons why I hate exams:

1. It gives you ailments such as headache, gastric and back pain.
*Human's brain is like a microchip which has a fixed number of data storage, so if I force myself to absorb more informations from the books even though it has reached its limit, it will break down and in the end I'll experienced serious headache.
*When I started to do revision, I won't do a single shit except reading a big stack of books including eating because I want to focus. Hehe, to be honest, actually I got watch TV also lah when I was doing my revisions. Not really focussing though.
*I still remembered the stabbing pain at the the back of my neck after a Maths test. Walao eh! Sibeh tia! My head was bent down all the time during the test because I am a SSS (Short Sightedness Syndrome) victim. I have to bent my head to look at the questions clearly.

2. It causes mental disorder.
*Sometimes, I do suspect whether I myself have mental illness or not as I love to hurt myself by pulling my hair when I can't memorise some simple facts from the books. I'm just that desperate :(

3. Exam's results is everything.
*If you didn't do well in your exam, you're known as the "normal" which means no one will want to know about you or ask about you because you have no difference with the other 1000+ students who failed their exams. You're compared to a grain of sand on the beach. Plus, your parents will start their endless lectures whenever you brought home your examination result slip.
*But if you are some random smartass, then things won't be the same for you. People will start to praise you and start to act nice towards you as if as you're an invaluable diamond from a very rare place. Nah, hypocrite, I would say.

4. No leisure
No time for TV
No time for foods
No time for a nap
No time for our close ones
No time for this
No time for that
NO time, NO time!

5. More schoolworks!
*Teachers often give last minute practice by giving out assignment for the first few weeks before exam. I mean do the teachers even know that we have to do our very own revisions too besides doing their assignment.

Anyway, all of the above is just my opinions towards exam. Nothing serious about it, peeps. Of course, besides disadvantages, there're also advantages of exam but I won't say anything about it as the title of my post clearly stated "Disadvantages of Exam"~ :P

Monday 23 June 2014

Losing Stuffs

Arghhhhhhh!!! I'm so frustrated today I'm gonna go long piak (means bang the wall with your face in Hokkien). I lost my PJ textbook today. I'm totally ******!!! I hate this kind of shit to happen in my life! I hate losing stuffs and things. I felt guilty for losing them. I'll blame myself for being so careless after losing them.

I really hate losing stuffs. You can say that I'm kind of nostalgia. I still remembered the very last time I lost my stuff is when I'm standard 3. I often lost my stuffs when I'm in primary school but it's just small stuffs such as pencils, rulers, sharpener and erasers. Most of them is stationeries. I never EVER lose a book in my life before until today.

If you lost a textbook, it's actually a serious matter. Why? BECAUSE THE BOOK BELONGS TO THE SCHOOL!!! THEY JUST LENT THOSE BOOKS TO US FOR A ONE WHOLE YEAR AND AFTER THAT WE HAVE TO RETURN THEM!!! Ok, chill, Sun Ru, chill...

And the worse thing is they don't accept money. They will freaking go and ask us to find the exactly same freaking stupid book in any bookshop and buy it as a substitute. Like the heck I have the time to go to find the EXACTLY SAME BOOK! Ok, chill, Sun Ru, chill...

What if the freaking old PJ textbook come out from its hidden place the moment after I bought the new textbook? It would be a waste of money and time, right? Shit happens!

The most frustrated moment is when you try so hard to remember where you left it and when you lose it but it seems like your mind just can't sort things out as easily as you want! There're these 2 Rules For Finding Things You Have Lost:
1) It's usually where you left it.
2) It's probably staring you right in the face.
Well, I learnt this 2 Rules from a book in title of "Mirrormask".

Maybe, it's ok if sometimes you lost small stuff but what if you lost "big" stuff? What if you lost a million dollars cheque which you have worked for so hard in your life to get it? What if you lost a kidney due to kidney failure? What if you lost your loved one in an accident? Then, it would be a tragedy, right?

Or maybe, you can look into the bright side. Let's just say you're brain cancer patient. One day,  the tumour in your brain just disappear like that, so you actually lost a tumour, don't you? And you live happily ever after without the tumour.

Life is often unpredictable. Sometimes, maybe it's good for you to lost something in your life but sometimes maybe the thing that you lost in your life will leave a scar in your heart...

Arghhhh! Im still feeling frustrated over the lost PJ textbook! I really don't want to buy a new one as a substitute because if I do so, I will lost my money! $$$

Sunday 22 June 2014


Hey, peeps! It has been such a long time since I write in any blog entries. Haha, that's also because I'm a lazy asshole.

So, most of the teachers who have been teaching my class were absent for these few days since after the 2 weeks holidays. Wheeee!!! I like, I like. =D

"Huh? So you gonna freaking tell us about how much fun you're having in your school because your teachers were absent while we're here working and studying so hard for life?!", well, I predicted that you peeps gonna say that.

Ok, let me get straight to the point of my blog entries now. One day, our TT teacher was absent. It happened on Tuesday, I suppose. So there's this one teacher came in to our class as substitute. Her name? I shall keep that as a secret. Who knows? Maybe there's a SGGS student reading my freaking blog right now and decides to tell the whole school about this story I'm gonna freaking tell on the very next following day.

So this's what happened... The whole class was having quite enough havoc when this specific teacher came in (Well, not really having havoc lah... Just that we're busy sharing juicy gossips and chatting happily. Hehehe). Then, the whole class became quiet in a split second the moment the teacher walked in. This teacher never teach me before, so I don't really know her or whatever shit. I was like minding my own business when she walked in. Out of the blue, she started to speak with her soulless complexion.

"You girls should be panicking right now because PT3(Our very freaking impotant examination which has replaced PMR in Malaysia) is coming and you girls were busy chatting happily away. I saw that when I was standing outside your class. You girls should be studying right now and I don't see there's any books on your desks. I still remembered last time, Form 3 girls batch 2010-2012, when I walked pass their class, I never heard they make noise before. All of them were busy doing their home works & revisions. They're worrying about PMR and they studied hard for it. But you girls... It's PT3 and you are the first batch, the guinea pigs. You girls should be worrying..." and so on...

I was like, "Panic? So did you mean that you want us to freaking scream like hell and kept asking the teachers about PT3 again and again?".  Of course, I didn't say that out loud, I just say that in my mind, so no one can hear it.

It's ok if she wanna talk about PT3 but then when she suddenly changed the topic from PT3 to "About My Daughter"...

"My daughter is studying in _____ University overseas now. (I forgot the university's name) And when she came back, she told me that..." bla bla bla and whole lots of proud stuffs about her daughter and the difference between about overseas's educational system and Malaysia's educational system.

I was like, "So, are you freaking trying to motivate us with your daughter's story?". And of course, I just say that in my mind.

After that, she get back to the very first topic which is PT3.

"Anyway, you girls no need to worry or panic about PT3. We, teachers will try to help you by telling you how the formats looks like. We'll give you exercises to brush up your skills..." bla bla bla again.

I was like, "Ok, let me get this clear. So do you want us to panic or not? First, you're angry with us because we acted like we didn't care at all and then? Now, what?! You said to us that we no need to freaking worry about it. Seriously, teacher, you're making me crazy! I can freaking go to Tanjung Rambutan (A very well-known asylum in Penang) after listening to you." I said that in my mind again...

Well, it's not that I disrespect this teacher. I respect everyone regarding their age, gender and religion. It's just that the ways this teacher speaks and the way she acted made us felt that she's kind of arrogant and too proud. Her face expression is worse. She bent her lips downwards every time she finished a sentence just to show her dissatisfaction towards us. The way she speaks is the worst. After she finished one sentence, she'll wait for 10-15 seconds before she moved on to another sentence just to make us feel guilty.

I actually kept staring at her face for the whole time when she's talking in front of the class. I wonder if she had done any plastic surgery before because her cheeks muscle and dimples were... were... I don't know how to describe them... They didn't seem to move even a bit. It's like she don't have any face expression at all. Words can't describe my feelings towards her... her... face...

Hey, peeps! I know what you're thinking! I'm not the only one have that kind of feeling, ok. Even my friends also said that to me after the class. We were like Hi-5.

Last but not least, PANIC or NOT?! =3

Friday 6 June 2014

Vivid Dream

By just looking at the title, you can know that I want to talk about my dream today. Hey, don't misunderstand! I'm talking about the dream we have when we're sleeping, kay! Not the other dream, ya, so don't confuse, kay.

Before I start talking about my dream, let me explain the definition of vivid dream first.
Vivid dream is dream that appears to be real or is very realistic.
For more info about vivid dream, you can go Google search about it.

Today, I dream of a random guy hugging me. I didn't saw his face but somehow I felt safe hugging him. I still remembered the way he dress. He dressed like he's going for a cosplay and his hair is silver-blonde in colour (He looks like an anime character but I seldom watch anime, so my question is why I dream of an anime guy? Like seriously, how ridiculous is that?!). His hair style is something like this...

Don't get me wrong, peeps! I'm not saying that the guy who I dreamt look exactly like this. Just that their hair style look the same.

"How about you? How you dress in your dream?"
Me? Haha, I dreamt that I was dressed in a very beautiful anime dress and my hair is tied into a very long pony-tail which is silver-blonde in colour just like him, too! I'm not lying, it's 100% true! Below is the picture I find to describe how I look like in my dream, haha.

I can't find an image of a girl with silver-blonde pony-tail with Google image, so I think this one will do even though the hair is not silver-blonde in colour.

I don't know why we hugged, it's like we just hugged each other, just like that. No reason. We hugged each other so tight that I can even felt his body warmth. Awwww, so warm... until I didn't even realise that it was just a dream. As you can see, I can felt his body temperature some more, so it's very hard for me to know that I was just dreaming.  Normally, when I dream, I know it's a dream and I will just wake up and continue sleeping. But this one is totally different! I didn't feel like waking up and the main point is I want the hugging to continue for forever... and .... ever...

What happened next in your dream? I woke up lar and then continue sleeping and moved on to another dream. But before my dream end, I remembered seeing the word "Tujulela" or "Tzulelu", but I forgot. I thought Tujulela is that guy's name, maybe... Who knows? I Googled the words just now but it seems like those words don't have any meanings at all.

I actually believed that I'll meet this guy in the future the second after I woke up from the dream. I'm still thinking about that dream when I was brushing my teeth. But not long after that I realised, dream will always be dream, no matter how vivid it is. It'll never be real... So sad... :(

Thursday 29 May 2014

What If...?

"What if...?". I'm sure that all of you had this question flashed through your mind before. One simple question but we'll have a lot of thoughts about it. I often wonder what will happen if I'm not the way I am now. What will the results be? Good or bad? No one knows...

Questions I often ask myself the most is, "What if I'm a boy?". If I'm a boy, maybe I would have study in a boys' school by now and less drama will happen. What I mean by drama is backstabbing, gossip and more silly things girls often do in girls' school. I'm the youngest among my siblings and I'm 12 years younger than my third sister. As you can see, there's a long gap between my generation and my sisters' generation. You see, I have 3 sisters. My parents tried to get a boy but I popped out as a girl. Too bad for my parents... and for me, too.

If I'm a boy, maybe I would have spend less time on beautifying myself, so I don't have to rush whenever I go out. Well, you know... Girls take a very long time to dress up. If I'm a boy, I no need worry about what will come to me once a month (That's also if you know what I mean). If I'm a boy, maybe my parents won't be so worry and paranoid about my safety whenever I hang out. I blame nowadays communities for this. A lot of social problems seems to happen nowadays and most of the teenagers was involved with them. When I type the phrase "most of the teenagers", people often see them as "all the teenagers". Hey, people! Not all teenagers are like that! Some of us are good teenagers, ok?! That's why Malays have an idiom, "kerana nila setitik rosak susu sebelangga", which means if one person from a group committed a misdeed then the whole group will get punished or embarrassed because of his or her misdeed even though the group are not involved. Unfair, right?

I don't think it would be any better if I'm a boy especially if I'm my parents only son. Maybe they'll protect me even more... For example, they will never even let me hang out at all. NOOOOO WAYYYY!!!

"What if I didn't meet this person in the first place?", is the second question which always appears in my mind. I often wonder what will happen if I didn't meet my friends(classmates), then who will I friend with? If I met other friends first instead of them, what will we be? Friends, phony or foe? Will we even talk to each other? No one knows...

"What if one day, death comes to me out of sudden?", is the very last question I want to ask myself. I decided to put that in my mind when I reached 60 something. I really don't want to think about it now even though I always wonder how do heaven and hell look like. Whatever will be will be...

Wednesday 21 May 2014

Busy Wednesday Afternoon

OMG, OMG!!! I haven't finish my homework yet & yet I'm still blogging here. Whatever... My mama went to my eldest sister's house today & only left my papa at home. I stayed back at school until 4:30 p.m. but my second sister arived school at about 5:30 p.m., so I reached home late. After I reached home, I have to take off my full uniform buttons and wash it. I'm an RC member, so my uniform is white and that's what I hate about it. It get dirty EASILY! And the worst thing is after I have cleaned my uniform, I have to help my mama to do housework, which is what I hate the most. I have to take the dried clothes from the balcony, fold it and put them in the closet based on its respective owner. My third sister wore the most clothes, THE HECK!!! It's a must for me to do the house chores because if I didn't do, I'll get a very long lecture from my mama. This is the lecture she gave on the other day when I didn't help her with the houseworks, "Sun Ru, can't you even help me a bit with the houseworks? You're the youngest in the family and it's your responsibility to do the houseworks when your sisters are not around. I really dissapointed with your attitude and bla bla bla...". People often say being the youngest in the family is the luckiest one because their parents will adore them the most among the siblings as they are the apple of their eyes but for me, it's the other way around. WHY?! Anyway, I have to thanks family, because if they didn't teach me the responsibilities about being the youngest, I think I would have become a spoil brat now...

I was starving like a beggar when I doing the house chores. Luckily, my papa made me a cup of Milo ice & bun after I finished everything. I love you, papa! <3 Not long after I finished the meal, my third sister called papa & told him she will take us with mama to the western restaurant for dinner. "Great!" WHY THEY ONLY CALL AFTER I FINISHED THE MEAL?! ARGHHH.

But it's ok for me anyway. I thought  maybe my stomach still can fit another plate of pasta or something, so I just went along with them to the restaurant in my third sister's car. When the car U- turned, there's this good-looking guy cycled on his bike on the road  and I actually stared out of the window and smiled at him (I really don't know why the heck I do that?! I just naturally doing it just for fun, maybe...) andd he actually smiled back at me... I was like, "Wow, so he actually saw me smiling at him". I thought maybe he was focussing on cycling his bike as he's on the road and it's very dangerous to flirt with girl while cyling on the road! 

When we reached the restaurant in All Seasons Place, we ordered the foods & it actually costed RM19-RM18 per plate! Walao eh! The food actually looked nice and tasted nice but too bad, I have a flu and I can't really taste the food properly and I started to loss my appetite before I finished my Chicken spaghetti. My papa thought I dislike eating it because it taste bad and started complained about this and that and bla bla bla. My mama and sister was like staring at me like it was my fault for my papa's complaint. I kept telling him that it wasn't about the tastiness of the food that cause me to stop eating, but still he kept bla bla bla-ing non-stop. Finally,  I gave up explaining as I was having flu and can't really breathed through my nose (I breathed through my mouth the whole day today). I hate flu so much. Arghhhh

Before we went home, mama asked me to take a few brochure or booklets from the shelf. She love to take brochures and booklets. She said maybe these brochure will help me in my schoolworks in the future, who knows. Well, I took this one booklet in the title of "Penang Tourism Calendar of Events 2014" which tell us about events that will be held in Penang in the year of 2014. I found out that Penang Bridge International Marathon is going to be held on 15 June 2014 which is on holiday. I'm kinda interested because last year I saw some friends posted photos on Facbook about this event before and they seemed to have a lots of fun. I asked my mama whether I can go for this event or not and do you know what she said? She said, "Sun Ru, don't go to this type of event. It's very dangerous to run in a crowded place. What if something happen? I promised you that after you reached 20 years old, I'll let you to go anywhere you like but not now. You're just 15, my dear. You can't take good care of yourself." I was like, "What if I died before I reached 20 and I wasn't allowed to go anywhere in my teenage age. What if I passed away with lots of regrets in my heart for not enjoying my teenage life just because my mama doesn't let me to do so. That would be such a WASTE!" And of course I said all this thing in my head, so no one could hear it except me.

Yay, reached home at last! But... when I saw my school bag, I remembered about my homework but I'm too lazy to do it, so maybe I shall do it after I finished blogging. Haha, and so I actually wasted about half an hour to type  this very long post out instead of doing my homework.  

Gotta end here! Bye bye! Wich me luck in doing my homework, ya! That's also if I decide to do so... =P

Monday 19 May 2014

I'm NOT a Blogger but I Still Blog

Ladies & gentlemen... let me proudly represent my blog... Tada... Ok, I admit that it actually does sound lame here by just looking at the title 'I'm NOT a Blogger but I Still Blog'. Well, I'm really is not a blogger & that's the truth & I almost choked myself to death when I create this blog & change the settings & bla bla bla. It's a tiring job, ok especially for a noob  like me. One of the reasons I created this blog is because I was influenced by my friend, Yun Sing who's a blogger. Here is her blog's link:

Do visit whenever you feel like it, ya! ;)
Another reasons why I have a blog is because sometimes, I really don't know where I can spill my feelings & thoughts to. I don't have much options other than blog though. I dislike writing in a diary because it waste a lot of pen ink, paper & the most important one is MONEY. I don't want people to cut down trees just to make some nice-looking diary. It's would be so NOT eco-friendly & then what?! Then, we have to use our money to buy it? It's not a good idea for me, so ya. "Why not spill you feelings & thoughts to your close ones?", maybe some of you will say so but then, what happen? They start lecturing you about social, life & bla bla bla & some of them even acted like they don't care at all. (My parents are like that.) FINE, I'm totally OK with that.

Before I have a blog, I thought that blog is lame but now I think it's TOTALLY ROCKKKSSS!!! I will post more stuffs here soon, so do always visit my blog, ya! ;)

Before I end, I have to admit that my English writing skill is very bad, so if you find any grammatical errors in my blog, please don't judge. I'm still learning like a kindergarten child. *Sobs :'(