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Lone Ranger
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Friday 6 June 2014

Vivid Dream

By just looking at the title, you can know that I want to talk about my dream today. Hey, don't misunderstand! I'm talking about the dream we have when we're sleeping, kay! Not the other dream, ya, so don't confuse, kay.

Before I start talking about my dream, let me explain the definition of vivid dream first.
Vivid dream is dream that appears to be real or is very realistic.
For more info about vivid dream, you can go Google search about it.

Today, I dream of a random guy hugging me. I didn't saw his face but somehow I felt safe hugging him. I still remembered the way he dress. He dressed like he's going for a cosplay and his hair is silver-blonde in colour (He looks like an anime character but I seldom watch anime, so my question is why I dream of an anime guy? Like seriously, how ridiculous is that?!). His hair style is something like this...

Don't get me wrong, peeps! I'm not saying that the guy who I dreamt look exactly like this. Just that their hair style look the same.

"How about you? How you dress in your dream?"
Me? Haha, I dreamt that I was dressed in a very beautiful anime dress and my hair is tied into a very long pony-tail which is silver-blonde in colour just like him, too! I'm not lying, it's 100% true! Below is the picture I find to describe how I look like in my dream, haha.

I can't find an image of a girl with silver-blonde pony-tail with Google image, so I think this one will do even though the hair is not silver-blonde in colour.

I don't know why we hugged, it's like we just hugged each other, just like that. No reason. We hugged each other so tight that I can even felt his body warmth. Awwww, so warm... until I didn't even realise that it was just a dream. As you can see, I can felt his body temperature some more, so it's very hard for me to know that I was just dreaming.  Normally, when I dream, I know it's a dream and I will just wake up and continue sleeping. But this one is totally different! I didn't feel like waking up and the main point is I want the hugging to continue for forever... and .... ever...

What happened next in your dream? I woke up lar and then continue sleeping and moved on to another dream. But before my dream end, I remembered seeing the word "Tujulela" or "Tzulelu", but I forgot. I thought Tujulela is that guy's name, maybe... Who knows? I Googled the words just now but it seems like those words don't have any meanings at all.

I actually believed that I'll meet this guy in the future the second after I woke up from the dream. I'm still thinking about that dream when I was brushing my teeth. But not long after that I realised, dream will always be dream, no matter how vivid it is. It'll never be real... So sad... :(


  1. Dreams do come true :)
    dont give up.Hope you find this person one day :)

  2. I still can't forget about that dream, man! Huish.. I desperately need to know whether 4th of July is his birthday or not. I'm suspecting.. so sad the pejabat veli the slow you know, only got birthday for April and May..