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Lone Ranger
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Wednesday 21 May 2014

Busy Wednesday Afternoon

OMG, OMG!!! I haven't finish my homework yet & yet I'm still blogging here. Whatever... My mama went to my eldest sister's house today & only left my papa at home. I stayed back at school until 4:30 p.m. but my second sister arived school at about 5:30 p.m., so I reached home late. After I reached home, I have to take off my full uniform buttons and wash it. I'm an RC member, so my uniform is white and that's what I hate about it. It get dirty EASILY! And the worst thing is after I have cleaned my uniform, I have to help my mama to do housework, which is what I hate the most. I have to take the dried clothes from the balcony, fold it and put them in the closet based on its respective owner. My third sister wore the most clothes, THE HECK!!! It's a must for me to do the house chores because if I didn't do, I'll get a very long lecture from my mama. This is the lecture she gave on the other day when I didn't help her with the houseworks, "Sun Ru, can't you even help me a bit with the houseworks? You're the youngest in the family and it's your responsibility to do the houseworks when your sisters are not around. I really dissapointed with your attitude and bla bla bla...". People often say being the youngest in the family is the luckiest one because their parents will adore them the most among the siblings as they are the apple of their eyes but for me, it's the other way around. WHY?! Anyway, I have to thanks family, because if they didn't teach me the responsibilities about being the youngest, I think I would have become a spoil brat now...

I was starving like a beggar when I doing the house chores. Luckily, my papa made me a cup of Milo ice & bun after I finished everything. I love you, papa! <3 Not long after I finished the meal, my third sister called papa & told him she will take us with mama to the western restaurant for dinner. "Great!" WHY THEY ONLY CALL AFTER I FINISHED THE MEAL?! ARGHHH.

But it's ok for me anyway. I thought  maybe my stomach still can fit another plate of pasta or something, so I just went along with them to the restaurant in my third sister's car. When the car U- turned, there's this good-looking guy cycled on his bike on the road  and I actually stared out of the window and smiled at him (I really don't know why the heck I do that?! I just naturally doing it just for fun, maybe...) andd he actually smiled back at me... I was like, "Wow, so he actually saw me smiling at him". I thought maybe he was focussing on cycling his bike as he's on the road and it's very dangerous to flirt with girl while cyling on the road! 

When we reached the restaurant in All Seasons Place, we ordered the foods & it actually costed RM19-RM18 per plate! Walao eh! The food actually looked nice and tasted nice but too bad, I have a flu and I can't really taste the food properly and I started to loss my appetite before I finished my Chicken spaghetti. My papa thought I dislike eating it because it taste bad and started complained about this and that and bla bla bla. My mama and sister was like staring at me like it was my fault for my papa's complaint. I kept telling him that it wasn't about the tastiness of the food that cause me to stop eating, but still he kept bla bla bla-ing non-stop. Finally,  I gave up explaining as I was having flu and can't really breathed through my nose (I breathed through my mouth the whole day today). I hate flu so much. Arghhhh

Before we went home, mama asked me to take a few brochure or booklets from the shelf. She love to take brochures and booklets. She said maybe these brochure will help me in my schoolworks in the future, who knows. Well, I took this one booklet in the title of "Penang Tourism Calendar of Events 2014" which tell us about events that will be held in Penang in the year of 2014. I found out that Penang Bridge International Marathon is going to be held on 15 June 2014 which is on holiday. I'm kinda interested because last year I saw some friends posted photos on Facbook about this event before and they seemed to have a lots of fun. I asked my mama whether I can go for this event or not and do you know what she said? She said, "Sun Ru, don't go to this type of event. It's very dangerous to run in a crowded place. What if something happen? I promised you that after you reached 20 years old, I'll let you to go anywhere you like but not now. You're just 15, my dear. You can't take good care of yourself." I was like, "What if I died before I reached 20 and I wasn't allowed to go anywhere in my teenage age. What if I passed away with lots of regrets in my heart for not enjoying my teenage life just because my mama doesn't let me to do so. That would be such a WASTE!" And of course I said all this thing in my head, so no one could hear it except me.

Yay, reached home at last! But... when I saw my school bag, I remembered about my homework but I'm too lazy to do it, so maybe I shall do it after I finished blogging. Haha, and so I actually wasted about half an hour to type  this very long post out instead of doing my homework.  

Gotta end here! Bye bye! Wich me luck in doing my homework, ya! That's also if I decide to do so... =P


  1. Walao got people flirt with guy :P Fewwit!! Hahaha you 20 years old me after form 5 !! :p 18~~~