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Tuesday 5 August 2014

Judgemental Humans

Humans... One day... one day... one day... I'll bring my aliens colony to invade the Earth and start my (WJHC) World Judgemental Humans Clearance project. *Evil grin. Hahaha, I'm just joking. Nah, aliens won't care that much about judgemental  humans on our planet but I do care.

What makes me wanna talk about judgemental humans today?
It's because of what had happened to me today. Such story should be typed here to give awareness to those jerks who love to judge people without knowing their story. They should FREAKING GO and CHANGE their attitudes and behave themselves after reading this post.

Ok, the story is like this... This morning, I wore a jacket over my HPS shirt to school. I know, I know Malaysia weather is very hot but I already get usual with it, so it' not a problem for me to wear a jacket under a hot sunny day.

I hate wearing HPS shirt because it's L size and I supposed to buy M size when I was Form 1 but my ke gao (means act clever in Hokkien)  mother insisted me to buy L size, so I can wear until Form 5 but the problem is the cutting of the shirt is XL even though it is L, man!  It looks like it's for obese people to wear and I'm not even that fat. My weight is only 52 kg. I felt uncomfortable in that shirt because whenever I bowed down, you can see ahem (If you know what I mean)..., so that's WHY I always have to wear jacket to school whenever I wear that shirt!

When I reached school, people I passed by gave me a weird glance and turned away.
During recess, there were these 2 Malay girls from my form queueing up behind me when I was buying food and I heard their conversations. Their conversation went on like this:

Girl A: Hari sejuk kah? (Means "Today, the weather is cold meh?" and she told it in a sarcastic way.)

Girl B: - (No response)

Girl A: Hari ini sejuk kah?  (Repeated her question twice until her friend heard her.)

Girl B: Sikit-sikit sejuk lah. (Means "Got a bit cold.")

Girl A: Sejuk kah? Saya tak rasa apa-apa pun. (Means "Really cold meh? I didn't felt anything also" and once again she told it in a sarcastic way.)

After I heard their conversation, I turned to them and gave them the dirty look on my face because I knew their sarcastic conversation was MEANT FOR ME. The moment after I gave them my version of dirty look, they shut their idiotic mouths up immediately. Then, I turned back to in front. I was like, "Wow, I never know that my dirty look can be so powerful!". Hey, I never mean to hear their conversation at the very first place. They're the one who speak so loud.

Well, that's not the end of it. I can say that people's curiosity can be infinite. Teacher and friends who saw me wearing jacket will ask me why I wear it. Humans...

"Is it that important for everyone to know the story behind a jacket? Does it affect you if I wear a jacket? Does the world will end if I wear a jacket? Why do you care so much about me wearing a jacket? What's your problem with me wearing a jacket if I already said I can bear the hot weather with the jacket? Well, it's not even you problem, right? Why do you even want to judge me?", these are the question I felt like throwing to them whenever they ask some random questions about me wearing a jacket but I'm too lazy to do so, so I just answered them back with a simple and short sentence which is, "I got flu."

Can you humans just don't judge so much? It's so stupid and irritating. My ear can go deaf any time whenever I heard people judging some one. Go and get a life instead. If you really felt like you have nothing else to do and judging people is the only thing you can do for the rest of your life, then go and apply for a judge post. Stop rotting here like a corpse!

Here's a meaningful quote I found from Google image:

P.S: Ok, I admit that today my post is quite harsh today, so I'm sorry if you felt that this post it's more to a hatred post although it's not. Anyway, don't let my post to give you negative effects. Continue smiling after reading, ya. =)


  1. I understand what you felt.. especially the mother part =,=" Ma gosh she will insist me to buy clothes I can't wear =,=lll then blame me for wasting money.. Ya know, whenever people do that to me, I'll turn around, and I'll smile at them. Yes, they might think I'm crazy. So what? They will shut their mouth right after that *evil laugh*

    1. btw.. http://lifeisgreatwithme.blogspot.com/2014/08/the-liebster-award-5.html