Lone Ranger

Lone Ranger
I'm rarely bored alone; I'm often bored in groups and crowds. :)

Friday 1 January 2016

You (Forgotten Dream)

You dreamt of him again in the night of new year eve. In the dream, he was chatting happily with another girl in a canteen. You looked at him far away from the other side. They seems close to each other, you thought. Again , your heart was broken.

These few days, you seems to always dream about him and you always end up hurting yourself even more in each dream. You feel pain mentally and emotionally. Is it even your fault from the very beginning that you couldn't let go? You wonder.

After you woke up, you forgot most part of the dream. The dream seems to fade away from your memory. You are not sure whether it's a good thing or a bad thing that you forgot. As far as you remember, you never had forgotten any dreams. Maybe it's a good thing, though that you don't remember. Maybe your brain knows what is the best for you more than your heart, thus it erase the memory of the dream from your mind... For your own goodness sake.

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